Diary of Anne Frank


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ANNE FRANK (1929-1945). - German-Jewish diarist. Anne, second from right, with her sister Margo, father Otto, and mother Edith, in the Merwedeplein, Amsterdam, 1941.. Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 11 Dec 2015.

Don't let trouble get to you.

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme “don't let trouble get to you, is seen throughout. During the living of the family they never thought on the bad side, they all were positive and kept a good mind. One incident where this happened is found when Mr. Van Daan was caught in the act of stealing bread by Mrs. Frank and she was furious. Mrs. Frank wanted him removed from the household and didn't want anything to do with him. The good news that brought them hope was “Miep that had found out that the invasion has begun which means they could be rescued”.(427) one incident where they had hope was when they all shared stories about what they were going to do once they were rescued. Each individual thought about the positives and ,yet they pushed what could happen to them out of the way as if nothing was going to happen to them. One thing that had been said by Anne Frank is that she had “wanted to be a journalist or writer”.(421) this is an example of how to stay positive and don't let trouble get in your way.

Count on each other

Another theme in The Diary of Anne Frank is count on each other. Examples that were found in The Diary of Anne Frank is when Anne woke up from nightmares and her family was there for her when she needed them. One reason why this was picked is because Peter had said “nothing is wrong and you're safe here” this is an example because of she was feeling scared and Peter was there when she needed him. (398)

Another incident is when Mrs. Frank was mad at Mr. Van Daan for stealing bread and she wanted him to leave, Mr. Frank was defending the Van Daans from having to leaving. I found this an example because Mr. Frank had said “we have been living here two long years respecting each other and we have managed to live in peace”. (425)

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A symbol that I think represents the character Mr. Frank is money, because money is good to have and Mr. Frank is a good man. One example of why money represents Mr. Frank is when he stood up for the Van Daans when they were about to be kicked. Mr. Frank changed the idea of them getting kicked out. Another example of how money represents Mr. Frank is when He helpes out with everyone's problems such as advice, and helping to do stuff that others need.