Jane Yolen

McKenna Stephens Author Study.

Central Idea Statement.

Jane Yolen, published her first book on February 11, Western Massachusetts, because she loved writing children books.

Some Books She Has Published!


Jane Yolen, was born February 11,1939 in New York City. She has remained true to her primary source of inspiration--folk culture. When she was little she took piano lessons, and studied ballet at Balanchine’s School of American Ballet.She graduated seventh in her class. If she had worked hard, she might have been third. Then she might have gotten into her first choice college— Radcliffe. After college, she moved to New York City and became an editor—writing during lunch breaks and evenings and weekends.

Summary of Synthesized Information

Baby Bear's Chair's:

  1. Theme: Don't just love one thing, love lots of things.
  2. Tone: The tone of this book is Happy, and loved. I think this because... Baby bear loves all of his chair's not just one. Also he is very happy the whole time he is in his chair's. And he loves all his chair's but, his fathers lap the best.

Owl Moon:

  1. Theme: Don't give up on something you really want.
  2. Tone: The tone of this book is happy, joyful, and suspenseful. I think this because... the girl in the book wants to go owl hunting really badly with her father so they go owl hunting. They don't find an owl the first time they call out, but the second time they hear one and the girl gets happy. And the girl is joyful and happy but she has to stay quiet.


"Fairy tails always have happy endings.' That depends...

on whether you are Rumpelstiltskin or the Queen."

- Jane Yolen