A Child Called "It"

Dave Pelzer

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This was Dave Pelzer a child.


This Story is about a child named Dave Pelzer who is abuse brutally by his insane mother. First when Dave gets up before school he is forced to do multiple chores in an exact amount of time or he gets severely beaten. Dave is only aloud a small lunch to bring to school and his mother does not allow eat breakfast or diner with the family.When Dave goes to school he has to steel food during recess when no one is watching because he does not get fedd at home. At the same time Dave's father did not stand up for Dave because he was also afraid of her. Finally the students noticed that their lunches were missing and then Dave Pelter was caught by the school administrators. Dave got the wrath of his mother when he retuned home. Some of the abuse that he endured was so inhumane. Such as getting burnt on the stove, eating a table spoon of ammonia, and getting whipped by dog chains. Dave finally caught part of the family. Also his whole family was not aloud to communicate with Dave when his mother was around.

The Impact

Daves amazing inner strength kept him alive during those torcheres years. This led to Dave Pelter becoming a famous author. As a result of Dave's story there is laws against child abuse. So many other children have been saved by his bravery. If Dave hadn't persevered through all those years, life for many children would be very different. Therefore Dave Pelzer received one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans.
Dave Pelzer on Larry King