Arielis Photography Class♥

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We take pictures of everything☺

We dont only take pictures of flowers. We take pictures of many things that we like. Pictures that express ourselfs, makes us, and things that makes us feel happy about ourselfs. Mostly what we've taken a picture of is the beauty that we are in. ♥


Join this Photography class. We love to take pictures of many things. Our main topic for now is flowers. Flowers are the most beautifulest thing that grew in earths nature. Flowers can make you feel happy and amazing. When you hear ' flowers ' what is the first thing that comes up in your mind? Does it make you feel happy, sad, beautiful, wonderful, or like crying? Things like Flowers can make feel many ways.

Life about Photography

Photos are the key to life. Have you noticed that you take a picture of many things that you enjoy or dont like? People in the Earths living take pictures of food, attractions, their vacation, kids, clothes, a picture of them selfs, or selfies, etc. Basacially what I'm trying to say is that these things make you happy. Sometimes people take pictures of other things like tears, scars, depression, love, faith, and hope because they want to express on how they are feeling. Sometimes people dont take pictures, they might use quotes or poems from the internet to also express their feelings.