Google Chromebooks

Effectiveness of Google Chromebooks in the classroom.

What are the benefits to going Google?

  • Chromebooks start the instant they are turned on.
  • Holds charge for 8+ hours.
  • Data is stored in a cloud, so several students can easily share the same Chromebook with separate login information.
  • Google has incredible apps for education!

Chromebooks in the Blended Learning Classroom.

Chromebooks make the blended learning experience easy for teachers. One of the greatest aspects of Google are their apps for education. Many of these apps allow teachers to create a safe online experience paired with their face-to-face daily classroom meetings. The greatest part about Google Apps for Education...they are FREE!

Top Google Apps for Education

Learn more about Add-Ons for Google Docs

Add-ons are new tools created for Google Docs and Spreadsheets that literally add-on capabilities for Google Docs and Spreadsheets.