Scientific Method project

Kodi Payne

Why do the clouds swirl when a storm is arriving?

I noticed, when a storm is on it's way, the clouds turn gray and begin to swirl like a giant lollipop. Why do they do that?

Gathering Information.....

- The gray color comes from the density of water droplets in the cloud. If there is a lot of water in the cloud, then the cloud becomes thicker and the light is less transparent.

-Nimbostratus clouds are rain clouds.

My Hypothesis:

I believe that clouds swirl and turn gray when a thunderstorm comes because the clouds are heavy with the rain that's about to fall and there may be a tornado at risk.

Experiment: watch the weather

When a storm is approaching, I will watch the clouds and their colors, shapes, and movements. This will take a number of days, unless it is storming.


I made it easy on myself, honestly. It was storming today, so that's one of the reasons I created this experiment. I observed the clouds and watched the rain fall. I collected my data through memory, because who can forget clouds?? They're awesome!!

..........Analyze data and find conclusion

From my experiment, I found from analyzing the clouds and concluding from my information I Googled, I found that my hypothesis is correct. The clouds were gray from the levels of water in them (it was raining hard!!) and a tornado is expected soon (let's hope it's a false alarm!). My conclusion is that rain is predictable by your senses. Just look up.