Digital Citizenship

Third Grade

Proper use of Chromebooks in classrooms

We will be using Chromebooks in our classroom this year. We will be following the ISTE Standards for Students so we can become excellent digital citizens. We will be creative and develop new ideas. We will learn to communicate and collaborate using google drive. We will be able to research and create strategies to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Please remember that using Chromebooks is a privilege for students that can show good digital citizenshipip when online.


1. BE A PRODUCER FOR GOOD. It is critical that when we use our email that we send only positive remarks and it is a needful email and not just emojis.

2. COLLABORATION. When we use our Google Drive in collaboration with other we are respectful and follow our classroom rules for safety online.

3. VISIT ONLY INSTRUCTED SITES. When we are thinking Outside the Box remember to only go on sites that teacher has instructed you to visit.

4. SAFETY FIRST. We will visit many places online. One of the most frequent sites we will visit is Utah Online Library. This is a safe place to research as we are good digital citizens.


5. SITES CHANGE. This is a webmix that we will visit often. Please be aware that sites can change. Always make sure you are where you need to be and you must always be safe.
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