What is epilepsy?

-a problem with the brains electrical system. These events are known as seizures, and can last from a few seconds to minutes. People who have one or two seizures within 24 hours have this disability.

What causes it?

-severe head injury, brain infection, or a stroke are some causes.

How does it affect somone's body and mind?

-it affects movement, behavoir, feeling, and sudden uncontrollable movement. There are different symtoms depending on how severve the disability is.

Can it be cured, or are their treatments?

-the most common way to try to cure epilepsy is anti-seizure drugs. About two-thirds of people with the disability become cured by taking their prescribed medicine.

What sort of changes can be made to the envoirment to help someone with this disability?

-The care a person with epilepsy would need could vary greatly. It depends more on the level of epilepsy a person may have. For example, if someone has severe epilepsy, they would have to have a low amount of sodium in their diet, and need someone to watch them because they are known to have suicidal thoughts.

What recent strides have been made in research and awareness of this disability?

-docters have made medications for people with this disability to help reduce the amount of seizures.

An interesting fact about this disability:

-you get an extreame urge to talk and do activities (mania)

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