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Volume 2 ~ Issue 2 ~ August 3, 2020

Wonderful Triton Staff,

The first day is upon us! Like me, I am certain that all of you are feeling nervous, anxious, jittery and every other emotions that are associated with uncertainty. I am so grateful that you have been trusted me (hopefully, a little bit) to lead you in these unchartered waters. I know that you have been preparing every day this weekend. I have been on the phone and TEAMS meeting with many of you even today. Thank you for taking the risk and being vulnerable.

In spite of being of our commitment to preparing and attempting to anticipate problems, there will be glitches. I am asking for your patience, kindness and grace for all students and their parents, for you and for us.


  • To get as many students to log in for the live sessions for each of their classes.

If students do not get in, please do not worry. Have them keep trying if they are kicked out. And if they still do not get it, do not mark them absent yet. In the second half of your period, please find time to contact as many of the missing students in that period just to make sure that they were not lost in cyberspace.


In order to participate in the Live Session for each class, students must join their Google Classrooms by code by MONDAY MORNING, AUGUST 3 before 8:20am.

All codes for ELM are on the home page of our website [link]. They must have downloaded both Google Hangout Meets and Microsoft TEAMS. Both of these are in the IPAD Catalog.

Taking Attendance

At this point in time, all attendance is taken during synchronous teaching. Both MEETS and TEAMS have a downloadable spreadsheet. Please use that to record attendance in Infinite Campus. All attendance must be submitted by the end of the day BEFORE Danielle leaves at 3:00pm.

Class Counts for the Next 10 Days

Dean sent you this link to complete the class counts that our campus assistants typically do. As we track enrollment, this is the only way to know actual bodies. Dean has created a class count for each day using a different sheet within the same google sheet (see tabs below). Please take time to complete before you finish your day.

Class Schedule Issues

If students are missing classes or have double periods, please tell students to email their counselors right away so that the issue can be fixed immediately.

Submitting Assignments into Jupiter Grades

Dr. Alvarez said yes to submitting assignments in Jupiter Grades but all assignments/assessments/other instructional materials must be accessed in Google Classroom.

On Friday, July 31, I sent an update regarding registration and first day of school. Here is the link to that update. It includes answers to your questions about immunization, class schedule, class changes and other first day/week protocols.

Finally, on the front page of the website, we have added a support line starting tomorrow. Please have students complete the form especially if they have technology issues. Our support team will try to resolve each issue as soon as we can.

Below are some information that are pertinent to starting tomorrow successful.


Also, here is the link to the parent edition of the newsletter.

Let's have an amazing week!

Mrs. Finley

ELM Support Desk

If you need support for anything school-related, please go to the website and complete the form. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Do We have Live Sessions on August 3?

Click on the title which is a link to the Master Sheet of Teacher Codes

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How To Join a Meeting

Below are Job-Aides on how to join a meeting

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ELM Virtual Daily Schedule

This is the approved schedule for ELM.

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Student To Do List for August 3

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ELM Virtual Student Schedule From

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Guide to Student Login Credentials

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