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Issue 7 - 30th September 2020

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Three Day Week with a Full week of Opportunities

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Where has the time gone? As I write this we are edging into October and creeping ever closer to, dare I say it......Christmas!

As you will be aware, Saturday 26th September was a training day for all staff at Taipei European School. This was an excellent day where all staff were given additional training in Safeguarding, CPR and EYFS mathematics. More information about this will be below, however, this is a further indicator that the British Primary Section is relentless in its mission in ensuring that we provide the best experience for all children, promoting an environment where all flourish.

This week began with the whole school CLC department working in a great transition opportunity supported by BSHS students celebrating the birthday of Confucius. Students were greeted by Confucius as they arrived in the morning, receiving the gift of a pen to represent his philosophy that 'education should be for all.' Confucius also made it into the classroom where he was eagerly awaited by students asking some outstanding questions to find out more about his life and legacy. This is central to the British Primary Section - it is critical that 'learning comes alive' harnessing creativity and inspiring all to be Thinkers, an embedded Learner Profile attribute, closely related to the ethos of Confucius.

Year 4 students this week went to Taipei Zoo, supporting their topic of Deadly 60. Although the weather was wet, this did not dampen the spirits as all thoroughly enjoyed, and were able to further showcase their knowledge. I would like to thank all the adults who supported this trip - making it an excellent experience for all.

Finally, as we go into the long weekend, I would like to remind all that we have our Digital Drill Day on Monday 5th October, as such, I look forward to welcoming all children back to the campus on Tuesday 6th October.

Best wishes

Luke Chaeter

TES Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Click here for this year's Academic Calender.

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Assessment workshop for parents - by Mr Aidan Stallwood

The next in our series of parent workshops (6th October) will again be hosted live on Zoom, this time with a focus on assessments in our school. It will offer an insight into how we assess, what we assess with and when we assess. The aim is to highlight the wide ranging tools we as a school can call upon when identifying the academic progress of each child. Should you have any key questions or specific areas you would like discussed then please send them through in advance to aidan.stallwood@tes.tp.edu.tw

Date: Tuesday 6th October

Time: 8:15 am - 9:00

Join Zoom Meeting: https://tes-tp.zoom.us/j/81181259406

Meeting ID: 811 8125 9406

Passcode: 9h+?n8

Parent workshops Schedule 2020-21 Term 1

Click here for the Parent Workshop Schedule.

“Teach students in accordance with their aptitude.” 因材施教 (Confucius) - by Ms Yun-Yeh Tsai

Confucius is one the greatest philosophers in Chinese culture. We owe many well known sayings and phrases, like the one above, to his wisdom and insight. He is also considered by many to have been one the world's greatest teachers. His impact in the world of education has been significant. For 2,500 years, generations of Chinese have respected education above all else, largely as a consequence of this sage's influence.

TES celebrated Confucius' birthday this year by incorporating his legacy and Annalects (his conversations and teachings) into the curriculum. Students from Year 1 to 6 learned about Confucius through different, interactive activities. To bridge this celebration across our two campuses, Year 7 students joined their Year 6 peers at our EPC on Monday, 28th September during CLC. Students engaged in fun, interactive activities around the teachings of Confucius.

Mr. Gately, Mr. Chaeter, Mr. Stallwood, Mr. Gamble and Ms. Smith along with their EPC colleagues dressed up as a Confucius, joined the classes and interacted with Year 6 and Year 7 students.

Much of Confucius’ approach to education was centered around the idea that teaching should center around students' aptitudes, something we constantly strive to do at TES.

Digital Learning Day - by Mr Craig Gamble

Monday the 5th is our first Digital Learning Day of the year and I wanted to take this last opportunity to make you aware of what to expect.

At 0800 all class teachers will be holding a Zoom session for approximately 30 minutes to check in with the class and outline the tasks that are set for the day. It is important that all children attend this session so that they are aware of the expectations for the day and to receive specific instruction on how to complete the assigned work, teachers will be taking attendance at this time.

Please ensure that your child follows our protocols for the Zoom session, they must be sat at a table or desk and not lying on their beds. They should be dressed in street clothes, absolutely no pyjamas are to be worn. Teachers will ask children to leave the Zoom if these criteria are not met.

Students in the Early Years and Infants (Years 1 & 2) will be set work to complete via Seesaw whilst older students, those in Years 3 to 6, will be assigned work via Google Classroom.

Seesaw will be accessed via a Home Learning Code and your child will bring home a letter explaining how this works today.

Work will also be set by the Chinese Language and Culture team as well as specialist teachers for specific year groups, this is to avoid overloading the children with tasks from every specialist subject in one day.

Finally, although the day is called Digital Learning Day we are not expecting children to be at their desks all day long, just like school some of their activities will take them away from their desks and their devices. I would also encourage you to build in breaks during the day for your child to run around and generally burn off some energy.

Should you or your child experience any difficulties with the tasks please contact the teacher via email for assistance. If the issue is a technical problem then Mr Water Chang is available via email to offer assistance.

Parent Teacher Consultation - by Mr Aidan Stallwood

Dear parents and guardians,

We are very pleased to say this week we finished our first ever electronic Parent Teacher Consultations! We were pleased that we had 88% of all parents sign up for a meeting. As a staff we have reflected and found this initial settling in meeting to have been a great success, but we would like your feedback too.

Therefore, we ask that you take a few minutes to complete the simple survey below to better inform us of your feelings towards this online Parent Teacher Consultation.

2020 BPS Parent Teacher Consultation survey

Once again, these are the official meetings but should you have any questions or wish to meet with your class teachers at any stage in the academic year please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,

Mr. Stallwood

Triathlon 2020 September - by Mr Peter Poulton

On Saturday, Sep 19, some of our students participated in the CTTA National Triathlon Championship. Triathlons are races that involve swimming, running and cycling. These events are great for children to develop their physical fitness and also mental toughness and perseverance. Not only does this encourage a healthy active lifestyle but also this kind of race promotes some of our learner profile elements - Adventurers, Future Focused and of course Healthy.

A big thank you to Richard Stokes-Green, a parent of TES who organises and runs this event.

Well done to all involved!

Super Safeguarding and Safety Saturday......with some EYFS Mathematics Training! - by Mr Luke Chaeter

Please see some of the images below showcasing the Staff Professional Development Day.

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Long weekend next week

Please be kindly reminded that next Monday 5th October is Digital Learning Day, students stay home and Friday 9th October is a national holiday, no school as well. Have a nice long weekend!
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The PTA has been working with visual consultant Marloes Huijsmans, who is also a TES parent, on revamping the Lost and Found area. She has created eye-catching and attractive signage and a comic-like poster to encourage children to take the initiative to find their lost items. We encourage you to have a conversation with your child, ask them if they know where Lost and Found is and how they should be responsible for their belongings.

The PTA’s next monthly meeting is on Thursday 8 October at 8:30am in the Infant Cookery Room. Attached below is the meeting agenda. If you wish to attend, please register here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-cshNej-eF-3w7oUJuCS4VaO_ZiGgDyK0paTbvoScYY/edit.

Have a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival.

Jessica Wang Simula