ms. cananda 5th grade 2015

my strengths and weakness

My weaknesses is social studies because its not interesting to me . My strengths is math because i love to multiple and other cool thing .My science goal is to make all as because i wont my parents to be happy for me. I wont my math goal to be to make all as .

this year

This year i wont to in math to stay positive. My science goal is to payattetion in class more and to stay foucus . For my histroy goal is to have fun and learn alot more.My english goal is to learn more.

personal goal

my personal goal is to stay foucus and how would i do that is to control my self . My other goal is to have fun because i can do that by paying attetion. And those are my goals.

who can help me

Well i sometimes help myself to alot of things.But who could help me is my teacher and my parents sometimes.

what might distract me

I get distracted when people talk.And my other distracting is people shhing way i can is to stay foucus.