The Reformation

Change Over Time

The Actually Change Over Time

The Reformation was a religious movement that ended up splitting up the Roman Catholic Church.The church split after the people began reading the bible when it was translated into their vernacular language.Once the people began to read the bible, they began interpreting it in their own way.This lead them to think that the Pope was leading the religion wrong.The people protested against the church and separated themselves from it. After leaving the church, they established themselves as the Protestants and began Protestantism. The separation caused people to believe that the split was bound to happen, while others thought that the Pope could have tried harder to prevent the split. On the bright side, the people became independent.

Some Of The Important People Involved In The Reformation

Martin Luther

He was a German monk that just wanted to be a Christian.When he didn't feel like he was getting attention, he decided to study the bible.By studying the bible, Luther concluded on that faith alone was the key to salvation.Afterwards,Luther wrote the 95 theses that went against indulgences.Luther stood up to those that gave people the impression that buying indulgences could buy salvation.After copies of the 95 theses was spread around Germany,Luther gained many followers.This lead to the founding of Christian Churches that didn't accept the authority of the Pope.

Impact On Society

This whole movement created many different churches.Before the people were afraid of going against the church.They believed everything the Pope said because the where naive. After the movement they started believing whatever they wanted to believe because, it gave them some independence. It was also a wake up call for the Church and the Pope. It was hard for the Pope to fix his mistakes, but he got some of his people back, like a really small amount. The worst part is that people died during this movement. But it all lead to people being free to think on their own. They could now interpret the bible their own unique way.

Modern Society

Now, most of the churches that were created still exist. There is not many around but they still exist. All these churches have their own version of the bible. There still are followers for these churches, but not a big amount. For that reason many people don't think Protestantism is important anymore. It's funny how we know the churches are around us but we never see them. It's like they really just aren't that important for us to bother finding them