Florida Through the Years

Tarini Padmanabhan 9

Day 1: Amazing St.Augustine

Hello! To start off this tour we are going to go to Castillo De San Marcos. It has survived many attacks and is still standing tall. It is a very historical fort. That's right it's a fort! Then we will have lunch at Collage Restaurant. After eating a delicious meal we will go see what Ponce De Leon searched for, but did not find. We will go see the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park.Become washed away with it's immortality water.Then we will leave you to rest for the journey to the Everglades or you can go out and have the rest of the day to yourself.

Day 2: The Everglades

Hello! Today we are going to Everglades National Park! If alligators are your favorite animal then your in luck, but if you just want to see the animal, you're also in luck because you will see many. But ,not only is there just alligators there is also many birds and other animals. Then we will go to Earth and Fire, an arts and crafts and entertainment place and you will relax and have fun. Then the rest of the day is yours.

Day 3: Nature and a little bit of History

Hi! Today we are going to have a fun historic day. First we will go to the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden. We will spend a few hours here then we will leave you to have lunch on your on. Then we will go to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum and spend a few hours there too. The we will leave you so that you can get ready for the fun day you have tomorrow.

Day 4: Through Miami

Good Morning! Today we are going to Miami Beach. First we are going to pick up breakfast at Charlotte's Bakery. Then we are going to split up into two teams ,girls on one team and boys on the other. Boys will have a funday of sports , and the girls will go to the spa.Then you will have lunch of your choice.Then the ladies will shop and the boys will go on with the activities they were doing.After all of the activities everyone will head down to the beach. We will have a picnic dinner while watching the sunset and a fun movie of your choice.Then you will head back to the hotel you are staying at.

Day 5: Key West!!!

Hi! Today we are starting a little later so you can have a good rest.Today we are going to have a very sunny day in Key West! First we will go see the Shipwreck Treasure Museum. It will be very fun and historic. Then we will stop at Key Lime Pie to taste what traditional key lime pie tastes like. Then we will Go to the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. We will see what nature in Key West has to offer. Then finally we will go on the Glass Bottom Boat tour and you will have a peek at the beautiful blue undersea world. And while we are on this tour we will get to see the sunset like we did in Miami, only we will be in the southern most town of the U.S.A.