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Where is Ireland?!?

Ireland is located to the north-west of Europe. To the east of Ireland, lies Great Britain which it is separated by the Irish Sea. On the west of Ireland is the northern Atlantic Ocean while the Celtic Sea borders the island on the west.

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Ireland's capital is Dublin their population is 525,383 it the most popular city in Ireland,it features historical, cultural, educational, and the administrative center of the island nation. The Euro (€) EUR is the official currency of the Republic of Ireland. It replaced the Irish pound in 1999. The Ireland symbol is the harp although most people think it is the four leafed clover. They grow many things including potatoes!

Ireland's land and climate and history

Ireland is mostly level to rolling interior plain surrounded by rugged hills and low mountains sea cliffs on west coast.The climate of Ireland is mild, moist and changeable with abundant rainfall and a lack of temperature extremes.The whole island of Ireland formed a constituent part of the united kingdom from 1801 to 1922. Ireland faced considerable economic difficulties in the 19th century, including the great famine of the 1840s. Ireland opened the 19th century still reeling from the after effects of the Irish rebellion. Prisoners were still being deported to Australia and sporadic violence continued in country Winslow.

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There are many cities in Ireland such as Drogheda where there are the Bru na Boinne ruins, Mellifotn Abbey,County Louth Golf club, St.Peters church, Funtastia waterpark. Or Limerick where you can see King Johns Castle, art and artifacts musuem, Ballyhora mountain, Neolithic Lough Gur, and oldeset building. There is also Waterford Medieval museum, bishops palace, Waterfords cathedral, Vikings triangle, and Greyhound stadium

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Desmond Kinney

Is a famous artist who paints scenes of Ireland. He has created many mosaics, and several oil paintings.
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Two major major major religions!

There are several languages in Ireland but there are two common ones that have been Catholics and Protestants. They have been fighting for several years and the fight is not ending soon.

Famous People in ireland

Cillian Murphy began his performing career as a rock musician, after turning down a record deal, he made his professional acting in the play Disco Pigs, in 1996. His first coming to international attention in 2003 as the hero in the post-apocalyptic film 28 days later.

Imelda Mary Higham is an Irish musician and singer-songwriter Imelda began her career in music at age sixteen—performing with a number of local bands and musicians— before forming her own band in 2002. She released her studio album, No Turning Back, in 2003 and relocated to London, United Kingdom with husband and guitarist Darrel Higham after its release.

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Ireland has several languages spoken there, Irish peole have an accent but not a language. Languages spoken there the most are Polish, English, and of course Irish!
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Major industries

Ireland's major industries are textiles, machinery, clothing, food items, glass and crystal.

Facts on Ireland

History of the holidays

The national day is celebrated on March 17 every year. This day is known as St. Patrick's Day.Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, this day has been commemorated as St. Patrick's Day.