Nike Air Force Wash

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Nike Air Force Wash

Us at nike have been innovating in the sports wear and footwear industries for many years and have been unmatched in these respective markets. In the interest of our investors nike has been searching for another markets to monopolize. We began to look at the cleaning industry and noticed our niche and from this we have developed our most innovative and complex product yet. We present "Nike Air Force Wash".


Nike Air Force Wash is the height of Nike technology. The Nike Air Force wash uses Superheated Electrolized water to delicately clean clothing but also foot wear effectively. This technology has been used in numerous applications of other categories but was picked for its superb performance about all other techniques and as was perfected by our team of scientists. This technique in the past was only capable in hot temperatures but with our advancements we have obtained the same effects from 85 degrees down to 64 degrees.

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Extra Info

The Nike Air Force Wash Feature a special area on the bottom specially made for sneakers. This area is made to provide a gentler wash for sneakers as sneakers can be very sensitive.