January Newsletter

From Laurin Austin

Welcome to our monthly wellness update!

Thank you for giving doTERRA an opportunity to improve you and your family's health! If you are receiving this email we have chatted about essential oils and you seemed interested or perhaps you have made the BIG LEAP and you are already on our team! I am so excited to share in this essential oil journey with you; i hope that these emails will guide you in learning more about a life of wellness so that you and your family can shift towards optimal health. I look forward on hearing your feedback of what you like about these newsletters as well as what you would like to see featured in the ones to come!

"Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel" -- Kevin Trudeau

This is not just for the first 40 years of life, but your whole life! With doTERRA it is our mission to help you live a fuller, healthier life! Partner with doTERRA and invest in yourself!

~Be well, Laurin~


You don't have a loyalty rewards order set up yet? January is a great month to set that up! Anyone on my team who joins the Loyalty Rewards Program in January will receive a FREE Breathe vapor stick from me! Once you take advantage of this January promotion continue it in February and March and receive a FREE past tense and deep blue for those months respectively!

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Our team is growing!

We have had several members join our team in December! Please welcome:

Elizabeth Miller

Mary Son

Ann-Margaret Gonzalez

doTERRA Coriander Essential Oil Tip for the Skin

January Savings!

dōTERRA Tuesday Tip-off - Lemon Essential Oil

Upcoming Classes!

This month our specialty topic will be Cleaning! The beginning of the new year has me in the spring cleaning spirit! Out with the old and in with the NEW! Toss out all your toxic cleaners and come learn about cleaning your home with essential oils! It is cost effective and safer for your family!

Green Cleaning Classes: Sunday January 17th at 2pmCST. This will be hosted at my house. Contact me for details! Bring a friend = Get a goody!

Makeover your Healthcare: Intro to Essentail Oils

Essential oils are gaining in popularity to help people (even pets!) maintain the most desirable health and wellbeing. Why? Because they are effective, convenient, affordable and don't come with harmful side effects.

Intro Classes: Tuesday January 26th at 6:30pm CST. This will be hosted at my house. Contact me for details! Bring a friend = Get a goody!

Also offered online Monday January 25th at 8:00pm CST.


Do you want to share the life changing benefits of essential oils with your family and friends? I would LOVE to do a class for you! All of my hostesses get nice oil goodies!

Contact me for more details on hosting your own class or attending one of mine: laurinmeshell@yahoo.com

Safe Non-toxic Cleaning Tips! Want to learn more? Come to the cleaning class and learn how to clean your house with natural products that you can DIY! *Click on a photo to enlarge*

Resource Spotlight!

I want to leave you with a few other places to find some great knowledge on oils. First, are you apart of our facebook groups: ESSENTIAL HEALTH GROUP is our smaller group and EMPOWERED IN OUR HOMES is a larger oil community. If you need help getting into these groups contact me! I am always here to help you!

Do you need a place to find good information on essential oils? While you are perusing the internet hop on over to this site and read lots of great information on essential oils and healthy living! This blog is written by doTerra Blue Diamond Rachel Loth. This girl knows her stuff and has shared a wealth of knowledge with us. To learn more visit: http://healinginourhomes.com/