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Second Edition: October 13, 2020

This is the second edition of the Emmett School District Newsletter. It’s scheduled for monthly publication on the Tuesday following the regular school board meetings. It’s designed to celebrate the good news in the Emmett School District and will primarily focus on our great employees and students. Occasionally, we may have a special edition.

We will continue to distribute press releases on immediate news and share information on Facebook. If you have an idea or want to contribute something, please email Public Information Officer Vickie Holbrook.


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What three words have defined your last six weeks?

Gratitude, Hope and Normalcy: These three words define the past six weeks for me.

I’m full of gratitude. I’m grateful for our staff -- from secretaries and assistants on the front line to the teachers and administrators who are doing what needs to be done to educate our students. I appreciate everyone’s open mind as we explore new ways to keep our students in the classroom for face-to-face learning.

Hope keeps me going. I remain hopeful that we’ll be able to keep our schools open for all students at all grade levels. I, along with our staff and parents, are hopeful that the majority of students remain healthy as we move into the flu season. When we shut school down for one day last December because we had a flu outbreak and wanted to contain it, I never dreamed we’d be shutting down our schools for a new virus. No one dreamed that. It has constantly reminded us all that we can’t take life or opportunities for granted.

We celebrate normalcy. I’m excited that we have brought some normalcy back to our schools -- and the greater community of Emmett. It was the most normal thing we could do Homecoming Week - hold the parade as we’ve done for so many years. To watch the young children and community members line the streets to see the athletes, the royalty candidates and our Parade Marshals. Those traditions make us all feel normal again.

Finally, let me just say, after watching Assistant Superintendent Isa DeArmas present to the Board of Trustees Monday night, it's wonderful to be talking about the business of educating, instead of putting so much focus on COVID. Don't miss the essence of her message down below.

- Superintendent Craig Woods


First-grader Pete Goers inspires Carberry Elementary staff and students; path named for energetic student

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Special thanks to those who helped make this dream a reality!

Carberry Elementary students are walking on the newly named “Pete’s Path,” a quarter-mile path for students, including Pete Goers. Pete, a wheelchair-bound first grader at Carberry Elementary, has inspired students and staff since he started school a year ago as a kindergartener.

Without a paved path, it’s been difficult for Pete to get to the swings and slide. Fundraising for a path had been in the works, but Principal Greg Alexander said he was especially encouraged to get it finished when Pete was unable to easily access the swings and slide, where he loved to play.

A buddy bench will be placed next to the sign. Learn more about the project.

At Monday night’s Board of Trustees meeting, Mayor Gordon Petrie presented Pete with a Gem Community Gem Award for his inspiring nature and the fact that he is one of the “most energetic goers” at Carberry.

A message from those who help with Pete’s education:

“This is our second year to have the privilege of working with Pete Goers. This amazing first grader has been a source of inspiration not only to the team of special education providers at Carberry, but to the entire school. Pete’s mother, Lara Goers, states that he gets excited each morning about going to school and is eager to get started. He has great attendance. Once at school, Pete is greeted by an amazing paraprofessional, Donna Hauser. Pete loves music and is very good at letting his educators know what his favorite songs are! He also loves being outdoors on the playground and we are so excited and grateful for the new walking path that allows him access to this very important part of the day … recess!

Pete was one of the first students to make his way around the new path after it’s completion in August and continues to enjoy making “laps” around the grounds. This is a great way for Pete to interact with other students and socialize with his friends at school. The path also allows easy wheelchair access to the swing and playground area which is a favorite destination for Pete. Along with the entire student body, we celebrate this wonderful addition to our school and offer a big “Thank-You” to all who made it possible.

- Ivy Snow, Donna Hauser, and Carberry Special Education Team

Special Thanks!

  • Mayor Petrie, Mayor’s Walking Challenge funds.

  • Katie Walton, Jump Rope for Heart fundraising.

  • Carberry PTO, Miranda Wright, PTO president funded several thousand dollars

  • Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation, $17,000.

  • An anonymous donor purchased a Buddy Bench to go along the path for students to sit on if they want someone to ask them to play. This is also a bench that community members can utilize when walking.

  • Gem County Foundation purchased the decorative rock.

  • Parker Meyers and Meyers Lawn Service and Landscape for repairing our sprinkler. Josh Rountree and Emmett Maintenance Department.

Pete's Path at Carberry Elementary in Emmett


Paraprofessionals at Carberry Elementary became teachers

Few principals can tell stories of new teachers who grew from the ranks of paraprofessionals. But Carberry Elementary Principal Greg Alexander has two new teachers who spent years in Carberry classrooms before becoming teachers. Emily Garringer and Heather West decided they wanted to do more, after watching teachers do what they do best. Here are their stories.

Mrs. Garringer: Embrace change

Emily Garringer transferred to a third grade teacher position after being a keyboarding paraprofessional at Carberry Elementary for four years. Emmett is a part of Emily down to her roots. She graduated from Emmett High and then worked at Emmett Eye Center before becoming a paraprofessional. While working as a paraprofessional Emily also worked on getting her undergrad in education. She is super excited to put it to use. She has loved being around her students and seeing their characters come through during COVID-19.

Emily’s greatest advice would be: “Learn to embrace change and be willing to challenge yourself.”

Even though the unknown scares her she is excited to start fresh every morning. One could say that is because of her teaching role model Cheryl Jordan (now a first-grade teacher at Butte View Elementary), whom Emily believes has a contagious energy that makes every teacher want to love and show a little more compassion.

- Autumn Hutchison, PIO intern

Meet Mrs. Garringer at Carberry Elementary School

Mrs. West: Scholarship "stepped" her up!

From paraprofessional to kindergarten teacher, Heather has never let her dreams slip. She has prioritized them in a manner of family to work. An Emmett native and Huskie, Heather realized, after moving away and building a family, that she wanted to watch her family grow up in Emmett. When she came back she began pursuing a degree to become an educator.

Being a paraprofessional for five and a half years helped Heather gain real time experience in a field most would only see in school. She was also able to get a scholarship called the “Step Up” scholarship for paras who wanted to go into teaching.

If she could give any piece of advice it would be, “that you can always get an education and/or training to move into different positions.”

For Heather, it is particularly exciting when a student finally has an "ah ha" moment.

- Autumn Hutchison, PIO intern

Meet Mrs. West at Carberry Elementary School.


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Dr. DeArmas: Understanding the “why” helps Emmett Schools succeed

Before school started in August, a group of about 60 educational leaders in the Emmett School District gathered for a week-long Summer Institute entitled: Empowering All Students to Succeed.

Dr. Isa DeArmas, Assistant Superintendent, Federal Programs, provided a quick overview for the Board of Trustees Monday night.

Teachers are focusing on a “growth mindset” to empower students, providing both students and staff with academic optimism.

“Every child has the right to succeed and the right to have someone believe in their success,” Dr. DeArmas told trustees. It’s not just about “winning the race” when it comes to test scores.

As renowned educator Rita Pierson says: “Every child deserves a champion -- an adult who will NEVER give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.”

It doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a collaborative process in professional development sessions on Wednesday afternoons, where staff examines data and student achievement, DeArmas said.

View the complete presentation.


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It takes everyone to win!

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Thanks fans, cheerleaders and our lovable Huskie!

Our athletes are celebrated routinely, but without fans who show up in force, our cheerleaders and our mascot, Huskie, our Emmett football team may not have the 4-1 record it has now. The Huskies have had a standout year and will play at Columbia Friday. Let's show up in force to cheer them on! Again, special thanks to our fans and cheer squad, including our beloved Huskie mascot!

Thank you Bruce BPhotography for the awesome pictures of our students!

To see his fantastic work, please visit his Facebook page.

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Graphic by Dwight Munger III for the Emmett School District.