What's New in Reeves' Roost?


Weekly News

Welcome to one of our last 2 full weeks of school. We have an exciting and busy week this week!

  • On Monday, we took our Civil War Unit Test - postponed from last Friday. Be sure you signed the study guide that was sent home a few weeks ago, We will also have our last Vocabulary Quiz this Friday.

  • Wednesday is our Career Day! Thanks to Mrs. Gully, our students will be hearing from different people in our community and the opportunities for careers they could have in the future.

  • Please be sure to send in $2.00 to cover the cost of our special 4th Grade End-of-the-Year Celebration next Friday.

  • We also need a self-addressed, stamped envelope so the last 9 weeks report card can be mailed home. Thank you to Kaizer, Anna, and Abbie for sending in yours!

EQs for the Week:

How can you find an unknown measure of a rectangle given its area or perimeter?

What can I remember about the Civil War?

How can I show what I have learned about weather instruments?

How will your group move west and Pack Your Wagon?

What can we learn about careers in our community?

What are proverbs, adages, idioms, and allusions?

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