No pain can wake this sleep!

Sick of crying? Tired of trying? Actually Dying?!

Do you need surgery but don't want to go through the pain? Well, now you don't have to suffer through the screaming and death! Anesthesia is a new drug invented by William T.G Morton, a dentist in Massachusetts. Anesthesia is artificially induced by the administration of gases or the injection of drugs before surgical operations. It can help control your breathing, blood pressure, blood flow, heart rate and rhythm.

We are selling only to the best doctors and surgeons in the states! Don't you want to be operated on by top medical staff using the best medicine out there!? I know I would love to have my kidneys taken out now!

Anesthesia is extremely important in all medical work. This helps save lives! Sick of crying? Tired of trying? Actually dying?! Not any more!

Doctors interested in purchasing, please visit Dr. Morton's office between 9 and 10am weekdays with proven medical degree.

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