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Teaching AAC and Language: QuickStart Strategies for Implementation

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Oakland Schools

August 23, 2018 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

This is a one day learning opportunity for educators supporting students with complex communication needs, requiring Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC). The focus of this session will be on strategies that you can use immediately with your students. We will use a combination of teaching content, videos, and hands-on learning to make this a powerful learning experience. This day is relevant for new learners, as well as those who would like a refresher on strategies to support a core vocabulary approach to language learning. District teams, including paraprofessionals, are encouraged to attend together to learn how to create a powerful communication environment.

Teaching AAC and Language: Foundational Training Series

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This is a foundational learning opportunity for educators supporting students with complex communication needs, requiring Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC). This series will include five sessions focusing on the AAC implementation toolboxes incorporated in the Teaching AAC and Language (TAACL): A Framework for Success. These toolboxes include Communication Mindset, Core Vocabulary, Vocabulary Instruction, Aided Language Input, and Opportunities. This series focuses on content delivery as well as interactive sharing for a full learning experience. District teams are encouraged to attend together to learn how to create a powerful communication environment.

Oakland Schools

Series 1: 10/23/18, 11/19/18, 12/11/18, 1/22/19, 2/26/19

Series 2: 1/24/19, 2/28/19, 3/28/19, 4/16/19, 5/9/19

All sessions 4:30 – 6:30 PM

Supporting Beginning Communicators: A Year-Long Collaborative Study

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This year-long collaborative study will focus on supporting communication for the beginning communicators with significant physical, cognitive and/or sensory needs. As a group, we will explore the Project-Core Modules, engage in powerful ongoing discussions throughout the year and virtually connect with Dr. Karen Erickson during four live webinars for questions and answers. Participants will be expected to view the assigned modules in advance, reflect on their practice, create an action plan and share their implementation stories.

4 2-hour sessions will include a 1-hour Q & A webinar with Dr. Erickson

will be held at Oakland Schools from 4:00-6:00 PM on the following dates:





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Aided Language Input for Students Supported by AAC: What Does Successful Modeling Look Like?

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Research supports the use of partner-augmented input (PAI), also known as aided language input, as an intervention strategy for individuals who use AAC. How do we move from knowing this is good practice to putting it into practice across the day? This beginner-level, full-day program and two follow-up webinars, by Dr. Jill Senner and Matthew Baud, will take educational staff through portions of steps one through five of an evidence-based, 8-step instructional model for teaching Partner-Augmented Input, (Aided Language Input). Participants will participate in interactive, hands-on training designed for learning and improving AAC modeling skills.

Staff should have access to a communication board, app, or device for participation in the interactive portions of the program.

Oakland Schools

Full day session 10/19/18 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Follow-up with webinar 1/17/19, 4/11/19 4:30 – 6:30 PM

Teaching Augmentative/Alternative Communication and Language TAACL: A Framework for Success™ (Year 2 - Job Embedded Implementation)

This professional learning opportunity benefits teams who are providing services to students with complex communication needs (CCN)

The focus will be on implementation strategies emphasizing a “core vocabulary” approach within A Framework for Success

Onsite training with mentoring and coaching in the classroom to understand and use proven implementation strategies

Target Audience:

· Educational teams working with students using AAC who want to further their use of

proven implementation strategies for AAC

· Minimum- team must consist of SLP and teacher


· Completion of TAACL: Foundational Training (5 part series or 1 day training)

by teacher AND Speech and Language Pathologist

Time commitment:

· 4-6 contacts per year for a minimum of 90 minute blocks

Expectations of participants:

· Dedicate focused time

· Prepare for meetings

· Develop and use an action plan to support implementation

· Participate in planned activities and discussion

· Implement AAC strategies

· Document student progress

Applications will be available soon!!

Contact your district AAC Consultant with questions.