What is Visual Basic?

Visual Basic is an object-oriented programming language used in the development of applications for a graphic user interface.

How did Visual Basic get its name?

Visual Basic was originally derived from Microsoft's BASIC programming language.

Who created Visual Basic?

Visual Basic was created by a team of Microsoft developers who based their work off that of Alan Cooper.

Why was Visual Basic created?

Visual Basic was created to allow developers to rapidly create applications for GUIs.

What language did Visual Basic replace?

Visual Basic replaced Microsoft's BASIC language. VB is much easier to learn and applications can be developed at a much faster rate.

What is Visual Basic used to develop?

Visual Basic is used to develop software applications for Microsoft's Windows and MS-DOS operating systems.

Why is Visual Basic a powerful language?

Visual Basic is able to accomplish many tasks and computations simultaneously. VB has the power to develop advanced graphics and software applications.

What would allow a developer to distinguish VB from other languages?

Visual Basic is easily identifiable by its large use of boolean constants. Boolean constants are a computer's instructions in its simplest form, such as a one or zero in binary. In VB, these are represented by the values "true" and "false".
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Visual Basic Tutorial - 1 - What Is Visual Basic

Why should you learn Visual Basic?

Visual Basic is essential for any developer looking to create advanced applications for the Windows ecosystem.