Eagle Update

Archer Glen Elementary | February 27, 2023

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Upcoming Dates


Tuesday 28 | Elementary Family Code Night @ 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Monday 27 - Friday 3 | OBOB Competitions


Wednesday 1 | Early Release @ 1:15 pm

Thursday 2 | Kinder Open House - 3:30 pm

Friday 3 | PAC Elections for 2023 - 2024 Open

Friday 3 | OBOB Finals @ 1 pm

Wednesday 8 | Early Release @ 1:15 pm

Monday 13 | Teacher Work Day / No School

Wednesday 15 | Early Release @ 1:15 pm

Friday 17 | PAC Elections Close

Wednesday 22 | Early Release @ 1:15 pm

Friday 24 | Furlough Day / No School

Monday 27 - Friday 31 | Spring Break

Nutrition Services Update

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss's birthday, and our Nutrition Services team is helping us celebrate with a special birthday cake bar treat included in all school lunches! This packaged item was packaged in a nut-free facility, but please be advised that the cake bar does include wheat and soy, and will not be included with gluten-free meals.

Lockdown Drills at All Schools (February 27-March 10)

All schools in our district will be participating in lockdown drills February 27-March 10. These drills are an essential part of our emergency preparedness, and help students and staff to practice specific protocols that would occur in an emergency situation. This will be the second lockdown drill of the year and will not be announced to students or staff in advance to allow for an accurate observation of any response protocols that need improvement or additional training. Practice drills such as these are also an opportunity for our administrators and staff to collaborate with the Sherwood Police Department. You may notice increased police presence if you are on/near campus during a lockdown drill, as SPD officers do participate in these drills.

During a lockdown drill, staff and students are secured within their individual classrooms/offices, and there is no movement in the building. No one will be allowed to enter or exit the campus until the drill has been completed.

For more information on District emergency response protocols and communication, please visit the SSD website here.

Kinder Registration for Next Year

Registration for our incoming Kindergarten class is available online using the link below. Incoming Kindergarten students must turn 5 prior to September 1. Registering early helps the school and district start planning for the fall.

Online Kindergarten Registration

During online registration, new families will create a Sherwood ParentVUE account. Parents of current and former Sherwood students will log in with their existing ParentVUE account. Please call the Archer Glen front office at 503-825-5100 or email Sandi Emmert at slemmert@sherwood.k12.or.us if you have any questions.

Paper Registration

Families are also welcome to register using paper registration. Paper registration packets can be picked up from the Archer Glen front office.

Welcome New Kindergarten Families Newsletter

The Welcome New Kindergarten Families newsletter is a special edition newsletter for any families with an incoming Kindergarten student that will be joining us next year. This newsletter provides the information and links needed to successfully register, make plans, and start getting involved with the school. Please feel free to share the Kinder newsletter with any families with a Kindergarten age child who may not have heard about Kindergarten registration.

Square 1 Art

Your student has been creating a special art masterpiece that you may purchase on unique gifts and keepsakes to enjoy for a lifetime! Every order made will help you preserve the special memories of your child’s creative growth in a fun and inspiring way! We look forward to an amazing fundraiser with Square 1 Art!

Keep a lookout for more details about the fundraiser coming to you soon!.

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Looking for New PAC Board Members

The Archer Glen PAC is looking for parents who are interested in joining the board. Positions include PAC President, Vice President, and Hospitality. No experience is necessary. You will be working on a team alongside other PAC members and Mr. Shuckerow to fundraise for the school, put on events, and otherwise help Archer Glen thrive.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to a current PAC board member.

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State Testing

Oregon's Statewide Assessments in science, mathematics, and English language arts will begin in April for students in grades 3-8. Scheduled testing will take place during the school day. For additional information on the State Assessments from the Oregon Department of Education, please review the following link.

While no single test can give a complete picture of your child’s progress, statewide tests provide information to students and families, as well as to educators and administrators about what educational approaches are working and where additional resources are needed. Your child’s participation is important to ensure schools and districts receive the targeted resources they need to help all students succeed. Districts are rated on their participation levels as well as student performance on this exam.

Oregon law (ORS 329.479) permits parents and adult students to annually opt-out of Oregon’s statewide summative tests in English Language Arts and Math by submitting a form to the school the student attends. If you decide to opt your child out of the math and/or ELA state assessments, please submit the following form to your child’s teacher or the front office by April 7, 2023 to best support our school with planning.

Student Personal Devices

Since the winter break, there has been an uptick in classroom disruptions due to students' personal devices, such as cell phones and smart watches. Student often have these devices to help with after school communication and coordination. However, students should refrain from using them during the school day. This will help in making the classroom environment free from distraction.

If there is a need to communicate with your child during the school day (e.g., a change in the "go home plan"), please feel free to contact the front office.

Call for Volunteers for the Archer Glen Carnival

If you are interested in volunteering for the Archer Glen Carnival, please contact Maria Sampson, Kelly Dehart or Lyndsey Brewer at the email addresses listed below. One of them will give you more information about this fun event and different ways that can you help make it happen. The next AG Carnival meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 28th at 2:15 pm at Archer Glen.

Questions about the event can be directed to Maria Sampson or Kelly Dehart.

Questions about volunteering with PAC can be directed to our volunteer coordinator, Lyndsey Brewer, at volunteer@archerglenpac.org.


All Volunteers will need to a) complete a background check and b) submit a proof of vaccination or receive approval for a vaccination exception.

Classroom Volunteers are coordinated directly through the classroom teacher. Classroom volunteers will need to a) complete a background check and b) submit a proof of vaccination or receive approval for a vaccination exception. Reach out to your child's teacher to learn about volunteering in the classroom.

School Wide Volunteers, such as for school wide special events and programs, are coordinated through the HelpCounter app. To use the HelpCounter app, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1 Submit your a) background check and b) proof of vaccination or exception.
  • Step 2 Contact Lyndsey Brewer at volunteer@archerglenpac.org to make sure that your background check and vaccination information has been cleared. This generally takes two weeks to clear.
  • Step 3 Download the HelpCounter App onto your phone
  • Step 4 Create an account using the same email that you shared with the PAC coordinator
  • Step 5 Set your volunteer preferences and sign up for volunteer opportunities at Archer Glen

Any questions about school-wide volunteer opportunities can be directed to Lyndsey Brewer, PAC Volunteer, at volunteer@archerglenpac.org

Community-Based Events and Announcements

The Sherwood School District has a Community-Based webpage on the Sherwood School District website with information and links for all Sherwood area sports and events. Please click on Community for a direct link to the webpage.

Early Release Wednesday

Reminder: Students will be dismissed one hour early @ 1:15 PM. Every Wednesday will be an early release. See the District Calendar for a complete list of early release dates and other important dates.

Archer Glen PAC

Get connected with the Archer Glen Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)! Use the QR codes below to see upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and other ways to get involved and be connected.