Someone named Eva

Joan M. Wolf


It's about a girl named Milada and one day the nazi soldiers broke into their house. The soldiers separated the family. The girls were taken to the public school in the town and the boys went somewhere else. When the woman where at the school, doctors examined Milada and said she was the perfect German girl. They took Milada, one of her classmates and other polish girls to a camp outside of Pucshkau, Poland. Milada was renamed Eva and the other girls were renamed too. Eva said that "the camp is brutal and as hard as she works to remember, she forgets how her life was as Milada." At the camp, they worked and worked. Almost every night they could hear the bombing and Eva wondered if the war would ever be over and if she would ever get to see her family again.


My theme is something good will come out of something bad. She is going through a hard time at the camp and she is forgetting little by little about her self. At the end of the book something good and surprising happens. When I was reading the book, I was surprised at how much good and happiness came to her at the end of the book. In conclusion, I think the lesson of the book was something good will come out of something bad.

Explanation of how the author used his historical facts

Joan is from a family of Czechoslovakians and Germans. She was born in the US but was very interested in her family history. She discovered that during World War II the Germans took girls that were Jewish and adopted them into a program which made the girls believe they were born German. The story takes place in Germany, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. It happened in the year of 1942-1945.