Solutions that save time and money!

WHO is Inland Coatings?

Inland manufacturers a unique line of solvent-based rubber roof coatings that provide durable, cost effective solutions for many of today's roofing problems.

WHEN & WHERE to use Inland Coatings?

Inland products are used over METAL, TPO, EPDM, HYPALON, SPUF, BUR, MODIFIED BITUMEN. Application temperatures range between 40-110 degrees F.

WHAT are the advantages of using Inland Coatings?

*Energy Savings *Corrosion Protection *Superb Adhesion *Excellent Elongation & Tensile Strength *Proven Durability *Resists Salts, Acids, Alkali *5, 10 or 15 Year Warranties Available

WHY use Inland Coatings?

*Superior Products
*Ease of Application
*Cost Effective Solutions
*Excellent Customer Service & Support

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