By: Sheridan Miller

Freedom For All: Canada Bound

I know you darkies want your freedom and I can help you get it. But before you pull a Denmark Vesey or Nat Turner and go killing all of your white superiors, consider escaping instead. Your biggest problem is escaping the black belt, once you are out of there you have a greater chance of gaining your freedom. What you are about to do is something many like you wouldn't dream of going through, but if you want to get out of your peculiar situation you are going to do exactly as I instruct. Below are exact instructions to get you to Canada on the Underground Railroad where you will be a free man.

Black Belt to Ohio to Canada: Step by Step Instructions

1. You will need to leave at night after all have gone to bed. Make sure the lights in the main house are out before you go. If anyone asks why you are leaving, tell them you are using the bathroom, then run into the forest. Make sure no one sees you especially the overseer. The less slaves he has, the less money he makes.

2. In the forest, look for the north star and keep following it till sunlight where you will need to find shelter or cover so that no one will catch you. If you are caught you might be flogged and returned to your owner. If the night is cloudy, look for moss on the trees because moss tends to grow on the north side.

3. It is best to travel by stream so that hunting dogs can't track your scent. So follow as many streams as you can, but keep heading north. You are trying to get to the Ohio river, where there you will cross into free state territory. The river is too powerful to swim but there should be boats that you can use to row across.

4. Once in Ohio, you will be met by a conductor woman named Harriet Tubman. Don't worry you can trust her. She has helped many like you, she knows what she is doing. She will take you to Ripley, Ohio where a nice station master named John Rankin will hide you in his barn cellar for the day until it is night and you can travel again. When you knock, be sure to say you are a friend of a friend. That is code for you are on the underground railroad.

5. At night, another conductor will escort you by wagon to the train station. Watch out for slave catchers because they come to the north looking for people like you and it would not be pretty if you got caught. There a white man will escort you to Cleveland.

6. Once you arrive you will be brought to a man's house who runs the boats that can go into Canada. Once you cross into Canada you are a free person. Enjoy your life.

Great God Almighty! performed by the Baylor University All-State Choral Camp Choir
Wade in the Water