My Year At a Glance

Brandan Scott

About Me

Im sophmore in highschool becoming a junor soon. I want to study in the Electrical Engineering fields, more specifically either Computer Science or into Rocketry. I like school because i see it as an opportunity to free my life when i get out on my own. I also just got my first offical job and it is alot of fun to be there. I have two younger sisters who are a pain at times but i love them and if they were not a pain then i would end up missing that aspect. I am a gamer to an extent but not one who plays all the time, I just play once in a while. Im real big in technology and always researching things on the internet.

Year at a Glance

I like to think that this year has been a very successful one. Ive earned many certificates varying from Adobe Photoshop to Basic Maintenance in Automotives. I have kept my grades up in school (of course i couldve done better!). Got my first offical job aswell and on my way to getting a driver's license. Learned to me a better and more patient person overall. So i would say that i had a very good year.

Dream Vacation

If money and travel was not a problem one of my dream vacations would be, going camping with my family. Though camping in it self is fun for me but what would be even better would be to find a place to camp with many trees and have a waterfall something like you would see from the movies. Or another dream vacation would be going to a resort that is by crystal clear waters with those magnificent coral reefs.
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