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Hello Dear Ones,

As my beloved mentor Dianne Connelly says, "We're here now, we're here together, and that won't always be so. What are the meaningful conversations to have in the meantime?" I say... let's have conversations about life, about nature and creativity, about love and transformative leadership. Let's talk about ways to peel back fear and lead with love and resilience.

What about you? What's important to you? What's important to you now? Nothing like a wham-bam, bang-zoom, outta-now-where pandemic to re-orient one to ground zero. How's your priority meter now?

Hopefully over the last few months you've had the dust settle just a bit. If you're like me, you've experienced all the emotions... shock, dismay, despair, terror, depression, joy, relief, fear, isolation, howling tears, great belly laughs, faith and gratitude, along with sleepless nights and afternoon naps, day pjs, projects galore, walks, bread, bread, more bread and gardening.

It simply amazes me how resilient people are even when they are ever-so-real and ever-so-messy. Side-swiped by tragedy and boom... we all figure it out. Sorta.

Certainly-- many of us are still doggie-paddling while others are peachy-keen. Either way, here we are living life. Leading our families, communities, companies and selves through something (oyie.. this word....) unprecedented.

So, in the honor of what-ever-the-heck this is... let's keep moving through. Not for the sake of going back. No. That world that we knew back then is gone. We're at a new place now. Let's embrace what is.

As I mentioned to a client just this morning... acceptance and acknowledgement are bedfellows. Before we can accept what is, we need to acknowledge our new reality. Acknowledge the little "d" death of what's no longer with us. This way we can embrace life and move through-- together.

This sort of situation we find ourselves in needs radical acceptance so that we can hold a sense of radical creativity and literally change with what's changing.

Let me ask you this... What are some of the most positive things you've seen emerge from this crisis? For me.. I've seen such beautiful blue skies, more stars, quieter nights, children on bikes with their loved ones, more birds, fresh creative ideas, budding leaders forging grassroots problem-solving and so much more.

Sure there's been horror and death, fear and folly, AND all the while... beloved life just keeps seeding and sowing more beauty as it erodes and nips at its own edges.

Maybe I'm preachin' to the choir here. Maybe you read this and think, "Yea, I knew this. Tell me something I don't know." Well... maybe sometimes we just need a kind reminder that we're held in some way through some shared fabric of life and death, creation and destruction.

Just maybe... it's in times like these that we do get to reorient to our priorities, do get to release what doesn't serve, do get to hone and focus and forge through what's next. Maybe, this is how we remember we are resilient. Not perfect. Not-- not messy. But in fact human on some cosmic journey to figure it all out.

Certainly there's lots of work to do and people to serve, and kids to feed, and bills to pay and

... have you seen the stars lately? Have you seen that blue, blue sky? Wow. Just wow.

Eyes wide open.

Love and light, Annelies


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