Counselor's Connection

Lyman Hall Elementary

Counseling Core Curriculum

Conflict Resolution and Study Skills

December and January have been short and gone by quickly, but we've been able to cover many concepts in classroom guidance.

Many of the students have received lessons in conflict resolution and study skills during those months. Kindergarten was taught some simple rules for getting along with other and the third and fourth grade students participated in an activity entitled "Out on a Limb, A Guide to Getting Along with Others". They learned about 3 different ways to deal with problems. They were taught about the loud choice, soft choice, and the think and share choice. Our second and fourth graders have also been taught how I-messages can help them get along with others.

The students were also involved in study skills lessons. The theme of the lessons were to "work first then play" in the lower grades. Our third grade students were introduced to study habits and why they are important and fifth grade students were taught strategies to use that help them focus on their class work and not on the possible distractions that are around them.

Grade levels that did not participate in these activities were taught another state mandated career lesson.

Chandra Austin-Scott, Elementary School Counselor

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