Leopard Geckos

By: Bella Witte

Scientific name-Eublepharis Macularius

  1. Description- the leopard gecko reaches a length of about ten inches
  2. Gets its name from the leopard-like spots that cover the bodies of adult animals. Baby leopard geckos hatch with dark bands, which lighten as they grow into the spotted adults. They have body coat colors that are normally yellow or white.

Leopard Gecko

  1. Leopard geckos are members of the Eublepharinae family, or the eye-lidded geckos. Many geckos lack eyelids, but the leopard geckos' are movable, which allow them to blink and close their eyes while sleeping.


  • at least a 10 gallon tank to live in with hiding places.
  • Eat bugs, such as, Crickets, Meal-worms, Silk worms, and other worms
  • Need calcium in powered form to live.
  • They Shed, then eat it.
  • Can get Metabolic Bone Disease
  • Contact with sunlight


  • Very friendly
  • Love to play and be held
  • But will need time alone/hiding