Genetic Variation

Alex Rider

What is Genetic Variation?

Genetic diversity is the variation of heritable characteristics present in a population of the same species. It serves an important role in evolution by allowing a species to adapt to a new environment and to fight off parasites. It is applicable to domesticated species, which typically have low levels of genetic diversity. Studying genetic diversity in humans can help researchers form theories on human origins.

Examples of Genetic Variation

Different people have different hair color, skin color, eye color, different size hands and feet, different personalities, different abilities. Theses are all examples of genetic variation. there are many possibilities and combinations which is why everyone is different. We all look different, we all sound different, we all all unique. Family members may have many similarities because they are passing down thier genetic information to their children. Even identical twins have some differences. There are no two people on Earth eactly alike because genetic variation millions of different possibilities in each person.