How to Make a Power Point

Prepared by Sydney Bainter

Creating a Power Point

  1. Create a title slide and add a title that goes with what you're writing about
  2. Add as many slides as you need (don't forget to add your name)
  3. Type in what you need into each slide first before adding a theme and pictures
  4. Add a theme (change font and color if you don't like the ones chosen)
  5. Use different layouts for each slide or keep the ones you already chose (but if you change them up the power point might be cool)
  6. Add pictures that fit the information on the slide
  7. Add transitions and animations
  8. Save your power point once finished

Title Side

When you click the power point icon on your computer screen, it will open up with the title slide already there for you. Just add in your title and start working on the rest of your power point!

Remember to save after you add something new into your power point!


Add as many slides as you need, but you may not actually need as many as you think. You can always change the layout of your slide to allow more information on one side, but don't add too much information!

Add Pictures

Add some pictures that fit the information you've written by choosing from the pictures in your file or taking photos from online.

Once you're all done, make sure to save your power point!