Blake Shelton

By: Alexxis W


Blake Shelton was born in a town called Ada,Oklahoma. He was born on the 18 of June in 1976. His full name is Blake Tollison Shelton. Blake's parents are Richard and Dorothy Shelton. As of now in 2016 he is age 39. He is also 6 feet and 5 inches tall. One thing that Blake's mom (Dorothy Shelton) made him do as a child is he did a pageant.

Beginning in Stardom

Blakes first single was in 2001 the name was "Austin" it was published in 2001. This single went to the top of country Billboard in 2001 as well. To start getting attention around the state of Oklahoma at age 16 he toured bars. Because of that Blake won the Denno Diamond Award. He also to become a star moved to Nashville, Tennessee at age 17! In 2011 his fans wanted Blake to get the spotlight they thought he deserved. Luckily he got on the voice that same year. To get even more attention in 2012 he performed at the Super Bowl with his ex-wife Miranda Lambert.

The Voice

Blake Shelton has been on The Voice since the first season in 2011. He has won 4 seasons on the voice so far! One thing that is cool is they have mentioned multiple times on the show is that all of the judges feel like family!

His Albums

All together Blake has had 16 albums going from 2001-2015.

  • Blake Shelton (2001)
  • The Dreamer (2003)
  • Blake Shelton's Bar and Grill (2004)
  • Pure BS (2007)
  • Startin' Fires (2008)
  • All About Tonight (2010)
  • Loaded the Best of Blake Shelton (2010)
  • Hillbilly Bone (2010)
  • Red River Blue (2011)
  • Original Album Series (2012)
  • Cheers it's Christmas (2012)
  • Based On a True Story (2013)
  • Studio Series Performance Tracks (2013)
  • The Blake Shelton Collection (2013)
  • Bringing Back Sunshine (2014)
  • Reloaded: 20 #1 Hits (2015)

Top Hits

Here are Blake Shelton's 20 top hits!

  • Sangria
  • Lonely Night
  • Neon Light
  • My Eyes
  • Doin' What She Likes
  • Mine Would Be You
  • Boys 'Round Here
  • Sure Be Cool If You Did
  • Over
  • Drink On It
  • God Gave Me You
  • Honey Bee
  • Who Are You When I'm Not Looking
  • All About Tonight
  • Hillbilly Bone
  • She Wouldn't Be Gone
  • Home
  • Some Beach
  • The Baby
  • Austin
  • Gonna


In 2003 Blake married his High school sweet heart Kayenette Williams. Sadly by 2006 the couple split up for unknown reasons. Then in an interview Blake stated that this Divorce was as hard as his brother's death. Then in 2006 he started dating Miranda Lambert. In 2011 they got married. Yet again he got divorced in 2015. but his last relationship and the one he is currently in is with Gwen Stefani!

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