Surviving the Canadian wilderness

By:Kylee Braswell


1.Don't panic just try to adjust your breathing.

2.Look for shelter to keep safe from bad weather

3.Make sure to bring a whistle because you never know when you need to call for help

4.Travel with things to make wind and waterproof shelter

5.Always pack small snacks or whatever because even if you don't get lost you still might get hungry

6.Bring waterproof matches and a lighter just in case

7.Always try to think positive and not to go on the negative part of your mind

8.No matter how worthless the item seems it can always come in handy when you're in the wilderness

9.Its necessary to carry a working compass around because it will help you find your way

10.Try and have any kind of little tool with you cause it can come in handy when you're trying to survive

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