Latin II Online News

Sunday, May 8 - Exam Review Edition


Understanding your Gradebook

I have now updated the grade book so that you can know your final Latin grade as soon as you finish your exam. Please note the following grades that you should see in your grade book.

3rd Quarter Grade - This grade is compiled using your assignments from Units 1-8

2nd Quarter Grade - This grade is compiled using your assignments from Units 9-14

Final Exam Grade - This grade is determined by the four sections of your final exam. I will be correcting the grading of your grammar exam after you have taken it, so your score may go up.

Overall Latin Score - This grade is formed by calculating both quarter grades at 37.5% and your final exam at 25%, which adds up to 100%. Therefore, this grade will not be accurate until you have completed your final exam. If you do not complete your final exam, 25% of your grade will be calculated as a 0. Please take your final exam!

Extra Credit

Now is the time of year that many students tend to ask about extra credit. I have been posting extra credit opportunities in my announcements throughout the quarter and will likely post one more. Most of you have not chosen to take advantage of these opportunities.

Please do not message me to ask for more extra credit. Instead, you may find an opportunity or two that was posted previously that you did not already do and submit from there. Gratias tibi ago!

Latin Tutorial Videos - featured in this week's announcements