Miranda Lambert

biography by: Madison B

Interesting Facts

  • She is married to B lake Shelton
  • Her family helped her finance her first recording in 2001, then miranda became a contestant on Nashville star
  • begin to write her first song after learning how to play guitar with her father

Basic Information

  • Miranda was born on November 10, 1983, in Longview, Texas
  • She is 32 years old
  • Miranda is not dead, she is alive

Why i chose this person

I chose this person because she is a really good country singer. I am a country girl. i have went to see her at the rodeo many of times. I have been a country girl since the day i was born. Miranda Lambert is a very pretty girl.

Research answers to questions

  1. positive
  2. Miranda has a postive life. She does the right things, not the wrong.
  3. Her life changed by becoming a Nashville Star
  4. She is always happy,and pretty
  5. Yes,she got lucky by coming a Nashville Star in 2001
  6. Because she is country like me
  7. She is really country and i like country people
  8. She is 32 years old,she has been married to blake shelton since 2011

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Miranda Lambert

She was published in 2001