Nancy Ryles Elementary Newsletter ~ June 17, 2022

Monday, June 20, Juneteenth - Schools Closed

Tuesday, June 21, Early Release at 1:05

Tuesday, June 21, Last Day of School


Dear Crocodile Families,

For some of you, this will be your last full week at Nancy Ryles– as a parent, as a volunteer, and as a friend. I want to thank all of our 5th grade families for your ongoing support over the years. We are so proud of our 5th grade students and their next big step into middle school.

For families returning in the fall, you will be receiving your teacher announcements and return-to-school information in late August. All families will receive an email with teacher assignments. We will be holding a “Drop Off Your Supplies/Meet Your Teacher” event on the morning of Friday, September 2 at 9:30 a.m. We will send out more details as the time nears

As you are enjoying the sun this summer, please help prevent the “summer slide” by encouraging your children to READ. Research shows that reading just six books during the summer may help a student from regressing (this is for older children reading chapter books; younger readers will read far more). Make sure those six books are ones that your child can independently read. The Beaverton Library can help determine “just right” books and recommend engaging titles. In fact, we had Beaverton library visitors here at our assembly last week talking about the Beaverton Library Summer Reading Program. Stop by your local library to sign up!

We wish you all a fun, restful, and safe summer, and look forward to seeing you back in the fall for another fantastic school year!

With appreciation,

Monica Arbow


2022-2023 Nancy Ryles Staff Roster

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Volunteer Appreciation 2022

NRCO News & Upcoming Events

As school ends and we begin summer break, please stay in touch. Follow us on social media! Check your student's backpack for some important save the dates, a flyer was sent home.

Kindergarten - Popsicles on the Playground

Wednesday, August 31st at 11am

Back to School Fun Fair & Meet the Teacher

Friday, September 2nd, starting at 8am

Nancy Ryles Elementary School Grounds Clean Up

Late August (specifics TBD)

Let's Be Social



NRCO End of the Year Message from our Outgoing President

I would like to give a big thank you to the Nancy Ryles Community who worked together to give our students the best year possible! I am routinely reminded that we have a community of parents, guardians, grandparents, and other important adults in our students’ lives who are generous with their time, money, resources, and talents. It’s phenomenal to be part of such a caring community.

Thank you to our staff, who have been flexible as the guidelines have changed. You continue to nurture our students in the most amazing ways, academically and socially/emotionally. It’s evident every day that you’re bringing your best to our kids. You work well as a team, and it shows.

I certainly never thought when my older daughter started at Nancy Ryles nine years ago that I would one day be the NRCO President. I didn’t even know what NRCO stood for! But over the years, the relationships and friendships built at Nancy Ryles have been important not just for our kids, but for my family. I didn’t realize until we were separated by the pandemic how much I missed conversations at the bus stop and in the production room.

As you think about next year, I encourage you to continue to make the connections here at the school. If you can make space to volunteer, even once a month or on a field trip, I encourage you to do it. Continue to reach out to each other at school pick up and drop off, at the bus stops, and around the neighborhood. This is a special place because of the caring people who make up this community.

There is a place for you here!

Congratulations to our 2022-23 NRCO leadership team that was voted in at our last meeting:

Ahna Proctor - President

Amanda Cary - Vice President Communications

Jessica Steimer - Vice President Programs and Volunteers

Angela Delk - Secretary

Sandy Carpenter - Lead Treasurer

Sara Bailey - Treasurer

Danielle Bade - Member at Large

Megan Snyder - Member at Large

Fundraising Coordinator - Open

Many of these names look familiar - Ahna, Amanda, Sandy, Sara, Danielle, and Megan were all part of the team this year, as well as Maria Calderon. Thank you to a great leadership team. You’ve gone over and above!

Enjoy your summer!

With gratitude,

Jill Rector, NRCO President

Staff Spotlight - 5th Grade

I have chatted with many parents of 5th grade students in the past few weeks and they all have the same feelings... 5th grade is such a wonderful time for their students because of the teachers! Between BizTown, the spirit they have and the love for learning they share... Their dedication is apparent in the efforts they put towards preparing their students for the world outside of Nancy Ryles Elementary School. Thank you 5th grade teachers!
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Summer Meal Program - June 27 - August 11, 2022

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), also known as the Summer Meal Program, was established to ensure that children continue to receive nutritious meals when school is not in session. When school is out, SFSP provides free meals to kids and teens in areas of need throughout the community. This summer, USDA plans to serve more than 200 million free meals to children 18 years and under at approved SFSP sites. BSD approved sites are at eligible schools and sites. Please use the link below to receive more information on locations.


Monday, June 20, Juneteenth - Schools Closed

Tuesday, June 21, Early Release at 1:05

Tuesday, June 21, Last Day of School



June 17

Jack T. - 4th Grade

June 18

Adelyn H. - 4th Grade

Ellie K. - 2nd Grade

Ojan S. - 3rd Grade

Anna T. - 4th Grade

June 19

Elinor W. - 4th Grade

June 20

Yonas S. - 3rd Grade

June 22

Dare A.N. - 4th Grade

Joseph M. - 1st Grade

Darren S. - 5th Grade

June 23

Rehatdeep K. - 1st Grade

Graham P. - 3rd Grade

June 26

Saif E. - 1st Grade

Skye G. - 3rd Grade

June 27

Jack W. - 5th Grade

June 28

River K. - Kindergarten

Amen T. - 3rd Grade

June 29

Ronnie C. - 2nd Grade

June 30

Gabriel A.G.- 2nd Grade

Mina D. - 2nd Grade

July 1

Kaelynn H. - 5th Grade

Berrit H. - 5th Grade

July 2

Katie C. - 5th Grade

Amelia L. - 4th Grade

Connor V. - 1st Grade

July 3

Madelyn B. - 4th Grade

July 4

Samara G. - 4th Grade

July 5

George B. - 2nd Grade

July 6

Connor M. - 5th Grade

July 7

Bo S. - 2nd Grade

Daniel T. - 4th Grade

July 8

Lamar A. - 2nd Grade

Kasra A. - 2nd Grade

Calvin H. - 1st Grade

July 9

Amya M. - 4th Grade

July 10

Izumi O. - 3rd Grade

Reese P. - Kindergarten

July 11

Samuel H. - 4th Grade

Riley T. - Kindergarten

July 12

Ryker D. - 3rd Grade

Koyo I. - 3rd Grade

Marco M. - 4th Grade

Audrey P. - 1st Grade

July 13

Kajsa D. - 5th Grade

Audrey O. - Kindergarten

July 15

Aylin A.S. - 3rd Grade

Hunter K. - Kindergarten

Beckham P. - 4th Grade

July 16

Yoana A. P. - 2nd Grade

Liana A. - 4th Grade

Braden M. - 5th Grade

July 17

Emma D. - 4th Grade

Nolan D. - 4th Grade

Hikari Y. - 2nd Grade

July 18

Cooper G. - 2nd Grade

Ariana L. - 2nd Grade

Lynn-Linh N. - 3rd Grade

July 19

Addison R. - 2nd Grade

July 21

Logan Joshua B. - 1st Grade

Vivian N. - 2nd Grade

Noah S. - 5th Grade

July 22

Sahib S. - 2nd Grade

July 23

Ryan H. - 4th Grade

Raina P. - 5th Grade

July 25

Mustafa C. - 3rd Grade

Preston H. - 1st Grade

July 26

Flora H. - 3rd Grade

July 27

Emma L. - 5th Grade

July 28

Marysela B.G. - 1st Grade

Marisol G. - 5th Grade

Meleseini L. - 2nd Grade

July 29

Elijah B. - 4th Grade

Olivia V. - 1st Grade

Harvey W. - 1st Grade

Polina Y. - Kindergarten

July 30

Olivia G. - 4th Grade

Braden H. - 3rd Grade

Wyatt H. - 3rd Grade

July 31

Ryker G. - 2nd Grade

Mia S. - 3rd Grade

August 1

Joseph C. - 4th Grade

August 2

Maia L. - 5th Grade

Ivan S. - 1st Grade

Ava W. - Kindergarten

August 3

Alexzha R. - 4th Grade

August 4

J'Kyrie N. - 1st Grade

August 5

Alexandra B. - 5th Grade

Joshua B. - 5th Grade

Aidyn C. - 5th Grade

Livia K. - 1st Grade

August 6

Anna S. - 2nd Grade

Mariia S. - 2nd Grade

August 7

Avalon M. - 1st Grade

Fenton P. - 3rd Grade

August 8

Brielle J. - 5th Grade

Coleman K. - 5th Grade

August 9

Willow V. - 2nd Grade

August 10

Lucas V. - 3rd Grade

August 13

Harper M. - 3rd Grade

Ethan Santosh V. - 3rd Grade

August 14

Leah J. - 4th Grade

Katelyn P. - 4th Grade

Evangeline V. - 4th Grade

August 15

Noelle F. - 1st Grade

Sanjay V. - 4th Grade

August 17

Khai C.B. - 2nd Grade

Elyjah O. - 5th Grade

August 18

Royal B. - 1st Grade

Paul R. - 3rd Grade

August 19

London C. - 5th Grade

August 20

Astera F. - 5th Grade

Avesta F. - 5th Grade

Ren G. - 1st Grade

Yiyi X. - 3rd Grade

August 22

Amari R. - Kindergarten

Jensen S. - 4th Grade

August 23

Zeynep A. - 2nd Grade

Isla E. - 3rd Grade

August 24

Emery D. - 2nd Grade

Kael H. - Kindergarten

Jason S. - 2nd Grade

August 25

Bennett B. - 1st Grade

August 26

Elizabeth G. - 3rd Grade

Grace L. - 1st Grade

August 27

Rex F. - 5th Grade

August 28

Parker H.K. - 3rd Grade

August 29

Barnaby D. - 1st Grade

Jackson R. - 3rd Grade

August 30

Johnna'e A. - 2nd Grade

Emma C. - 2nd Grade

August 31

Emilia C. - 4th Grade

Sophia C. - 4th Grade

Ryan O. - 4th Grade


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