This Week in PLC

Week of January 26

Jeans Week

...see Mrs. Doggett for details.

Unit 4 UbD


Let's Talk Points

Linda has asked PLC teams to discuss the issue of points. We will discuss and decide if our team wants her to pursue the department going forward with asking administration if we can all use the points system.


If English II were to pursue points:

  • Is there a specific total of points that all team members would have to adhere to, or would a range be appropriate within a six weeks (for example, all team members' classes reach within 50 points of each other).
  • Can the way the learners receive the points be varied across teachers?
  • Do the assessments need to be worth the same number of points?
  • How can we ensure that there is some type of comparable weighting across teachers?
  • Is there a number of grades to strive for, or is this a team decision?


Lesson Design

English I

  • Independent Lesson Design
  • Check in with Melanie

English II, Pre-AP, and GT

  • Lesson Design by Skills

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Faculty Meeting




iLead Meets - PLC Does Not


Assessment Smackdown Session with the iTeam

PLC will attend the session in the Library Classroom during A lunch.


PLC Meets with Anthony - TELPAS Raters Only

From Anthony:

Friday, January 30, 2015

English II: 4th period - during B/C Lunch

Mentally prepare yourself: If you have not been trained within the last three (3) years or if you are a new teacher, you will have to do new rater training - which can be time consuming. I attend administrator training on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 and plan to train you all a few days later to give you as much time as possible. Once I finish administrator training, I will inform you of what you need to do during your PLC time on Friday.

Mark your calendars. More info to come on January 30, 2015 during your PLC. Let's knock it out the park!