Terminologies of Real Estate

There are various terminologies which a buyer should remain aware of while buying Residential Flats in Jaipur. Several times, a buyer has to deal with the issues which may prove very handy while buying Flats in Jaipur or any other place. Thus, a person has to remain aware of these terminologies.

Carpet Area

This is one Terminology which is very important while you buy Flats. The Carpet Area along with the Built up and Super Built up area are aspects which defines the whole buying aspects for people. The Carpet Area is defined as the area, which is available to the people for use. It may be defined in other words as the area within walls which can be actually be used by buyers. In general, Carpet area must be 50% to 70% of the total or saleable area. Thus, if a person is looking to buy Flats in Jaipur, pay a deep look at the carpet are to the selling area, the better the ratio, the more is the value of your home.

Built-up Area

Built up Area is defined as the sum of Carpet Area and area covered by inner and outer walls of Apartments. Some other areas like Lifts, Stairs etc are also considered while the calculation of Built up area. This Built up area is actually 10% to 20% more than carpet area.

Super Built-up Area

Super Built area is defined as the area, which a buyer actually has the access to. While calculating super built up area, the common areas which are accessible to the buyers are also considered in addition to the built up area. Generally, Super carpet area is around 70% of the super built up area.

Thus, before you buy Residential Flats in Jaipur, just ask about these factors from your sellers.