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80 Degrees, with a 90% chance of snow.

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Shark Attacks

My opinion for starters, avoid swimming at dawn and dusk, when sharks tend to feed. Stick together in groups and stay out of the water during and after storms. Aside from dangerous surf and rip currents, decreased water visibility can confuse sharks, prompting mistaken identity bites. Do not swim where fishing is occurring, or near other things that sharks find tasty. Sharks can sniff our blood, so don't swim with open wounds. And leave your bling on the beach sharks are curious about bright, shiny objects. Policymakers have a role to play, too. In Orange County, California, authorities have started to experiment with drones, a potentially useful tool. Nothing replaces lifeguards, but patrolling beaches from overhead and warning patrons when sharks are close could help with beach safety. Plenty of steps can also make rare shark attacks even rarer. For instance, officials should keep swimmers far apart from pier and beach fishermen. Sharks that have become delighted by the presence of baitfish or irritated after biting into hooks sometimes share their unwelcome excitement with humans. Man's future relationship with sharks isn't up to them; it's up to us. Always remember they have bigger teeth, but we have bigger brains.

Fighting Against Isis

For all its might, most analysts believe military intervention in the conflict with ISIS is highly unlikely. But it may force China to move off the sidelines in the international fight against terror. As more and more Chinese citizens travel overseas for business, tourism and education, the greater the chance one of them may fall victim to a terrorist attack -- also increasing the pressure on the government to act. China may be willing to enhance its global cooperation in light of recent developments, but the chances of it acting in a more military capacity in the fight against ISIS are slim. But China may begin to engage more closely in the fight against terrorism in other ways, The Chinese government blames the ethnic unrest on Uyghur separatists, but Uyghur exiles and rights activists blame what they describe as Beijing's repressive and discriminatory policies. Attacks on Chinese citizens in public places like railways have been on the rise and often result in numerous fatalities, but China has complained that the world has ignored its terrorism plight. A 2014 attack on travelers at a station in the Southwest city of Kumming left 29 people dead and injured a further 130, while knife-wielding attacks wounded ten people in the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou in May.

Page 3 - Odds and Ends - Keona

Vet Services

Other families had to adopt people’s pets because they were in need of help financially.They were different types of pets out in the street who were in need of food, care, and help. They provided the families with pet food to help them so they would be able to feed their pets.

Rescue Squad

The rescue squad had to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get to the other side of the river to get rescued. They failed to reach Grease but, will live another day. The people used soap to wash their head, and used cameras as transportation.

One Town Under One Roof

The roof is connected by an underground tunnel. The people live in the same room with each other. It’s a small building with one family.


There were people coming in from China. There were 3,000 graduates. People from China/out of state are being allowed to go to Iowa. The people/students were very welcoming of the students/kids from China.

Carbon Dioxide

There is more carbon release. Carbon is being monitored. Hong Kong is getting asthma because of the pollution.

Homecoming Parade

The homecoming parade was very tragic. There were 4 people that had died during the parade.There were also some other people that got injured.

Hip Hop Therapy

Hip hop therapy let’s kids rap about how they feel. This is their therapy place to express how they feel. Hip hop therapy helps the kids to get away from what is going on in there life and express the way they are feeling.

Black Friday

Black Friday is when all of the stores bring out all of the good deals on everything. There are a lot of people that go out for Black Friday that all of the stores are packed with a lot of people. There is a lot of money that is being spent on Black Friday because, everything goes on sell and it’s a lot cheaper around the time of Black Friday.

Page 4 - CNN Heroes Spotlight - Josh

- Military: If it wasn't for them we wouldn't have freedom. Also they have impacted a lot in our country. They made a significant difference in our country. We now have more freedom because of them. They protect our country from harm.

Page 5 - Before we go - Keona & Josh

There were 2 women in Wal-Mart fighting over a girl toy because, it was the last popular toy for a girl, and I guess both of the women wanted to buy it for their daughters for Christmas. The security people ended up breaking up the fight, and the woman who had the toy first got to buy it for her daughter for christmas. I chose this segment because, Christmas is right around the corner and you know never know what is going to happen when you go Christmas shopping.

For a little boy’s birthday, him and his family were at a Mexican Restaurant celebrating his birthday. As all the waiters begin to sing happy birthday to him, it starts off good until the 4th person falls and knock downs everyone else that is behind him like domino’s. It was very embarrassing and funny but, they all got back up and continued to sing happy birthday to him. I chose this segment because, I could picture this happening in person and how funny it would actually be.

Technology is improving. New ways to communicate and new ways to see the world. New phones and watches are more helpful. The internet is improving in our daily lives. New types of technology is being formed every minute.

Black friday is the day when all stores get lots and lots of money because of the good deals. Sales sky rocket and everyone loves to get things for cheap. Who doesn’t?

The Ohio State Marching Band payed a tribute to Sia. They performed her new hit Alive. It was quite a great show. They sure sounded good.