The Earth

General Information About Our Planet

Continental Information

As you might see when you enter our atmosphere there are several areas split up by water. The large areas are called continents, and the smaller areas are called islands. Many of these areas can differ depending on the climate they are in.

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Earth's Environments

Earth is combination of multiple environments such as deserts, snowy mountains, pine forests, tropical jungles, and warm beaches. We also have constant changes in weather patterns on our planet. We do suffer from thunderstorms, hurricanes, droughts, tsunamis, ect.

Earth's Orbital Postion

Earth is the third planet away from the Sun. We have perfect temperature to support most types of organic life. We move in circle around the Sun and change our seasons when the Earth tilts.

We have one moon that is about ¼ our size. We are located in the Milky Way Galaxy, and we are several billions of light years away from the outer rim of our galaxy.

Activities To Do On Earth

There are many types of activities to do on Earth such as swimming, mountain climbing, hiking, and building things. We really have no limits here on what you can do. Since we have something that everyone can enjoy. Physical activities and non-physical can be found throughout our planet.

I hope you will come and enjoy Earth and out hospitality!


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