201 Update

all the going ons from the #1 class on the 2nd floor

Week of January 25th 2016

Hope Everybody's enjoyed all the snow! Hopefully we'll get melted out and get back to a normal schedule here sooner than later!

This Week In Learning!

  • Reading- This week we will be working on identifying the main idea of multi-paragraph texts. We will use graphic organizers to find the main idea and supporting details.
  • Writing- This quarter we will be working on writing opinion pieces. We want to be able to state our opinions and support them with reasons, finishing up with solid conclusions.
  • Math- This week we will be looking at defining attributes of polygons, including number of sides and angles. We should be able to name and draw polygons given a set of defining attributes.
  • FUNdations- This week we continue studying R-controlled vowel syllables. This week we will be focusing on -er, -ur and -ir. New trick words learn, picture, earth
  • Science- We start our quarter long unit on sound. We will experiment to gain an understanding of the relationship between sound and vibrating objects.
  • Social Studies- This quarter we will be learning about various cultures influence their communities.

Awesome Learners Learning!!!

Making sense of subtraction

Changing states of matter with chocolate

Upcoming Dates and Reminders