how a heat seeking missile works


how the missile works

a heat seeking missile is made with a missile and a infrared camera is hooked up to the missile so when it tracks heat the missile will follow that heat signal until the missile reaches its target. you can avoid these by shooting missile at the heat seeking missile. these are guided by a infrared camera with wings on the missile so it can make fast turn to follow the target. another way to avoid these are a jammer to jam up the missile to leave its target and go haywire. some other parts are the targeting device and fin on the missile. some missiles have jammers so other missiles can't lock on to the missile. The first heat seeking missile was made in 1950 and used in combat in 1958.

the main parts of the missile

  • infrared seeker camera
  • launch engine
  • guidance system
  • rocket engine
  • explosives
  • warhead

This how the heat seeking missile works