Watershed & Ocean Ecosystems

Positive & Negative effects

Oil Spills (Negative)

Oil spills are negatively affecting animals, plants and fishes.

Oil Spills (Positive)

Oil spill solution is dawn the company for cleaning.
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Over fishing (negative)

Overfishing is decreasing the population of fish in the ocean.

over fishing (positive)

The solution is the law that everyone has to fish a certain amount of fish.
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Litering (negative)

Litering in the ocean moves fishes away.

litering (positive)

Artificial reefs help bring oxygen back.
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Fertilizers (negative)

Fertilizers stops growth of algae.

fertilizers (positive)

Humans put fertilizers to purify water.
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Are dieing because of pollution.

coral reefs (positive)

We need them because they help to make new homes for fishes.
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