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Why Passwords are important

Having a strong password is very important when it comes to being safe from hackers. Thanks too many different websites we can have safe passwords with helpful tips. The first step in having safe passwords is creating a strong password. When creating a strong password, you should not make it similar to previous
passwords. If it is similar it will be easy for hackers to hack your accounts.
It should also contain the following: upper case letters, lower case letters,
numbers, and symbols. If it contains these it will be difficult for hackers to
get in your accounts. It always helps keep your password safe if you do not use
a complete word as your password. According to Gizmo, the top five commonly
used passwords are “123456,
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How they can help you

Another important tool in having a strong password is remembering your password. We all forget our passwords from time to time so it is always important to find ways to help you remember them. It helps if you make the password from something
personal like a birthday, an important date, a favorite song, or a favorite
name. Making it personal can make it really easy to remember. There are also
tools you can buy to keep up with your passwords for you. 1password, last pass,
KeePass, RoboForm, and Firefox sync are all examples of this tools to keep up
with your password. You could also be old fashion and write it on a piece of

Some people might need to protect a file folder
and these are some steps you will need to do so. First you will need to select
the file you want to encrypt. Then you will need to right click the file or
folder and select properties. Third you click the advanced button. Next check
the box for the “Encrypt contents to secure data” option. Lastly Click Apply and
then OK. With your file protected, hackers shouldn’t be able to get your

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