Job Interview Process

By Tyler Cameron

Before The Interview

  • Before the interview you want to plan out what to dress
  • Plan a route to the place you are interviewing for
  • Review your resume, so you know exactly what you put on it
  • Research the company so your know about it when in the interview
  • Think of questions to ask about the company
  • Make sure to arrive 15- 20 minutes early, because it proves you are reliable
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During The Interview

  • Take some notes on key points
  • Listen carefully to what the interviewer has to say
  • Speak clearly with confidence
  • Be honest when answering questions, or when telling about yourself

5 common Interview Questions And Tips On How To Answer Them

  • Why Should We Hire You?- Tell them some of your strength and what you are good at
  • What Are Your Weaknesses?- Tell them some of your weaknesses, then turn them into strengthes
  • Why Did You Leave Your Old Job?- State your resonons positively, and dont say bad things about your old job, or employers
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25 Most Common Job Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

After The Interview

  • Discuss with your references- Talk to all of your references and discuss the position with them
  • Thank You Notes- After the interview send a thank you note to the employer to show them that you are fit for the job
  • Call- You can always call the company to see if they have made a decision
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Dress For The Interview

How To Dress- Always dress one or two steps above how they dress when they are working the job


  • Have nice hair
  • A nice suit, and maybe a tie
  • Make sure shoes match with suit
  • If you wear a tie make it simple


  • Neat hairstyle
  • Pants or knee length skirted suit
  • Low or medium closed toe heels
  • Nylons or dress socks
  • Pressed collared shirt
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Interview Don'ts

  • Don't Make negative comments about past employers
  • Don't arrive late
  • Don't smoke before the interview
  • Don't chew gum
  • Don't use cell phone
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Interview Dos and Don'ts