Ready or Not "Blackout"

Ryan Negrete

Why did I pick this?

I chose to do amnesia do to drug use because there are so many people in our world today that take to much of a substance or drink to much. Amnesia can cause people to do many things they would never actually and act different then they really would. The amnesia will cause you to lose all control over your body and will not remember anything you do. The research I do will allow me to be aware of how amnesia might occur so I can avoid it myself, or help anyone who needs the help. Amnesia has a very strong affect on a human body and thats why I think it is so interesting and am eager to learn about it.

What is Amnesia?

Amnesia occurs when you have partial loss of memory or total loss of memory. Amnesia may occur due to drug use or alcohol use. When in this stage it may cause you to blackout. A blackout happens when someone intakes to many substances or medication in which your long-term memory is impaired and you will not remember anything that has happened. People tend to get blacking out and passing out confused although there is an actual difference. Passing out is just the act of losing conscious while blacking out causes you to lose your memory. The most common way to get this is to consume more alcohol then your body can handle.

What is Happening?

Amnesia is associated with damage to your brains hippocampus and areas that are needed for encoding, storing, and retrieving memory. If certain parts of the brain are missing or damaged it will cause the brain not to make any new forms of memories or remember some of the old ones. Amnesia causes adrenal glands to be released which then produces hormones that enter the bloodstream that affects the plasticity of the brain neurons. Amnesia can either last only a few seconds or it may last several hours all depending on the amount of the substance taken or how server the trauma is.