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April 14, 2023

Upcoming Events

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School Highlights

Marine Science - Odiorne Point

On Wednesday, April 12th, 2023 our marine science students traveled again to Odiorne Point State Park, located in Rye, NH. The field trip was an important opportunity for students to conduct their own research, while studying a topic that is of scientific interest due to the rapid changes that the Gulf of Maine is experiencing. We are also developing our skills as Confident Global Citizens by examining how contributions to scientific research and communicating about that research helps us spread awareness about current environmental issues. Here a few examples of some of the cool questions students are asking:

  • How abundant are invasive tunicate species at Odiorne Point State Park and how are they impacting the intertidal ecosystem in the Gulf of Maine?
  • How abundant are the Palaemonetes sp. (shrimp) in the intertidal zone at Odiorne Point and which habitat do they most prefer?
  • How do the populations of the native Littorina obtusata and Littorina saxatilis (Rough and Northern Yellow Periwinkles) compare to the population of the invasive Littorina littorea (Common Periwinkle) in the Gulf of Maine?
  • What is the abundance of microplastics at Odiorne Point and how is this affecting the intertidal ecosystem?

Curious to know what the students find out about their research? Stay tuned! We are hoping to share their work through a poster session in the spring.

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Souhegan Prom 2023

The annual Souhegan Junior/Senior Prom is fast approaching! This year's prom theme is "Twilight Garden". The School Store will be selling prom tickets during Lunch/Advisory and 5th and 6th periods. The price of the tickets is $75, and they will be available until April vacation. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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Student Services

Advanced Placement Exams

AP exams will take place between May 1- May 10 for AP students who have previously registered. Students who have registered for exams will receive an email detailing the procedures for AP testing, including the schedule and arrival time.

NHSAS Science Testing

Students in grade 11 will be taking the NHSAS Science exam, our state assessment, on Tuesday, May 16th from 8:30 am - 11:15 am.

NHSAS is an important assessment that helps provide information on whether students are meeting grade level expectations. We receive test results quickly and teachers are able to use this information to target instruction through the end of the school year.

While parents can opt students out of testing, we are required to have a 95% participation rate. Any students who opt out of the 2023 assessment below the 95% district and school participation requirement, will be counted as zero scores for accountability. Zero scores for students will significantly impact our school and district level test results.

While RSA 193-C:6 permits parents to exempt their student from taking the statewide assessment, your student’s participation is appreciated as we strive to accurately represent the achievements of our students. If you would like to opt your child out of NHSAS testing, please complete this opt out form by Friday, April 21st:


The Youth Risk Behavior Survey is a national survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In New Hampshire, YRBS is jointly administered by the Departments of Health & Human Services. The data from the YRBS are used extensively by health departments, schools, and local area agencies to define areas of high health risk and to secure the resources necessary to address any identified health issues. Our district has administered the YRBS since 1995. We will again participate in the YRBS on April 18th in grades 9-12. The survey takes approximately 35 minutes. Results have been instrumental in identifying trends and providing support for students in our community.

The survey is voluntary and completely anonymous. Students can skip questions they don’t want to answer and/or stop at any time. To review the survey please visit YRBS site. If you prefer your child not participate in the survey, please return this form to student services by April 13th.

Senior Year Notes

Senior Project News

The final Senior Project checkpoint will take place on Thursday, April 20th. At this checkpoint senior project panels will make sure that students have completed their applied pieces, as well as all parts of their projects other than their presentations.

Presentations will take place on May 18 and 19. If you have conflicts between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm on either of these days please fill out this form by Friday, April 14.

Community Service Opportunities

COMMUNITY SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES (read entire post as there are several opportunities)

Interested in helping rescued dogs who will be trained to be veteran service dogs? Operation Delta Dog needs you! We are hosting our largest annual event called The Power of Ten- an anniversary fundraiser on Friday June 16th. at Nashua Country Club.

Various volunteer opportunities including:

1. Video editing- we are creating a video celebrating 10 years of service dogs and veterans. We need a few volunteers who are willing to work with us to craft a message that shows just how powerful service dogs can be for their veteran

2. Set up of the event space on 6/16 at NCC- 7am-12pm.

3. Evening of event 6/16-5:00pm-11pm at NCC. Various positions including silent auction staff, games, registration and more. Based on your skills, we will find you a spot.

4. Are you an artist, craftsperson or business owner who would like to donate an item or service? Do you babysit and want to donate hours? Fill out our online donation form here:

Can’t help with this specific event, we still need your help at our training center in Hollis. Please contact Emily Mangiaratti at or 603-921-5253

On May 6, the Town of Amherst will be holding a town clean-up day.

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  • Volunteer opportunities are available to high school students who are at least 14 years old and have an interest in helping out after Souhegan' s day ends.

  • Employment opportunities are available to high school students who are at least 16 years old and have an interest in Early Childhood Educations

If interested in either, please reach out to Molly Cummings at or stop by Sunrise Children's Center located at 94 NH-101A, Amherst.

Get To Know SHS

Meet the wonderful and talented staff members of SHS!

Jolene Sawyer

What is your role at Souhegan?

Spanish Teacher - I usually get to work with students from all grades.

How long have you been with Souhegan?

This is my 26th year teaching but I was an intern here so it’s really been 27 years!

What do you love about your job?

I love the energy of working with high school students and I love my colleagues here at Souhegan. This is a very special place to me! I am also super passionate about teaching the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. I love seeing students work to be able to communicate in Spanish - it is so exciting to see them be able to express themselves creatively. Students can be very successful with what they communicate even at the beginning levels of language learning. Getting my students excited to travel and to want to have a study-abroad experience in a Spanish-speaking country is also a big motivator for me. Once students have this sort of experience, it builds so much confidence and self-esteem. And of course, they see so much growth in their language profiency. It is truly a transformative experience!

What do you like to do outside of work?

My very favorite thing to do is to travel with my family. I am one of those people who thinks that planning a trip is almost as much fun as going! I also really enjoy hiking, cooking, reading and spending time with friends and family.

If you were given one wish what would it be?

If I had one wish, I would want to be able to fly! I could really save a lot of money on airfare!

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

My favorite quote is “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” by Eleanor Roosevelt. I think it's important for us to remind ourselves and our students of this from time to time.

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Community Council

The SHS Community Council passed a proposal this week that would allow for removal of any council member who has missed 5 consecutive meetings. Our next meeting will be Monday, April 17th from 3:00-3:45 pm in the Infocenter.

Performing Arts

Check out the latest edition of the Souhegan Performing Arts Newsletter!


Come to trivia night! There will be a raffle featuring gift cards and goodies from local businesses! Also, a bake sale! Anyone from the community is welcome to join, and proceeds will go to Marguerite Place.
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The Yearbook club is happy to report the Yearbook is complete and being printed as we speak! Once copies are in we will communicate when and where books can be picked up or purchased if you still need one! Thank you!

Don’t miss all of the great times at Souhegan High School that are in the 2023 yearbook!

Saber Spotlight

There will not be Saber Spotlight this coming Monday, April 17, as originally planned. The next presentation will be held on Monday, May 1.

Click here to view information from the latest presentation that was held on Monday, April 3.


Project Graduation

Project Graduation is around the corner and we need parents of 9th, 10th, and 11th grades to chaperone the event! It is going to be Friday, June 2nd with volunteers showing up at 8:00 pm (graduates arrive by 9:00) and ends right after fireworks and clean up at midnight. There is also a dire need for two volunteers to clean up the fireworks mess at the AMS softball field Saturday morning. Come join the fun! Contact Sue McNamara to volunteer at

Personalized Class of 2023 Banners & Yard Signs

The cost is $25 for a double sided sign and $60 for a banner. Products are delivered to Amherst and Mont Vernon residents. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Eastland at **Input your student’s name in the Notes Section on the order page** Scholarships are available–please contact Sheelu Joshi-Flegal at–completely confidential!


Team 138 Entropy

This past weekend the robotics team attended the 2023 New England Regional Championship held at the Big E arena in West Springfield. There were 92 teams competing in two divisions, Wilson and Mier.

Team 138 Entropy completed 12 qualifying matches with differing combinations of alliance partners and opponents to achieve a win-loss record of 8-4 and rank 13 out of 45 in the Wilson division. During alliance selection, we were the first pick of alliance #8. Our first elimination match was a 1-pt loss to alliance #1 - that alliance went on to be overall regional champion. We were eliminated after a second loss, this time to alliance #4.

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Weekly Schedule can be found here. Please note these are tentative pending weather conditions and may be updated. Coaches will notify you of any changes.