Girl Scout Day Event (Daisies through Brownies)

Pixie Valley Retreat

Saturday, May 14th, 9am-2:30pm

Lebanon Hills Regional Park, Eagan, MN, United States

Eagan, MN

Our Fun Filled Day is Just Around the Corner!!

Come join us for a fun filled day! Come and have some fun! Dip your feet into the water of how camp works. You will do some fun activities, sing songs, see two flag ceremonies, and overall learn about camp and Girl Scouts! This is your prep for PYN and PIper! Hope to see you soon.

Daisies having fun!

9 am: arrive and get schedule

9:30 am: opening flag ceremony

9:45 am: bathroom break

10;00 am: first station

10:30 am: second station

11:00 am: third station

11:30 am: snack and bathroom break

11:45 am: forth station

12:15 pm: lunch and troop time

1:00 pm: fifth station

1:30 pm: fun competition field games

2:15 pm: closing flag ceremony

2: 30 pm: clean up and leave

Find Yourself at Girl Scout Camp

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