Communication Technologies

Technology for an open line of Parent-Teacher Communication


Predominantly, the simplest way for you to stay up to speed with your child will be Edmodo. Edmodo is an LMS (Learning Management System) designed to mirror popular social media sites, so the interface will seem right at home to many of you. It allows you to easily observe when a student's assignments are due, at what work is expected of them - both in and out of the classroom.

A handout of instructions and the necessary class code will be sent home with students - ensure to make use of this tool, and simply send me an email if the handout doesn't find its way home.


This is a fairly simple tool that allows me to use an online platform to send text messages to parents and students both, but without using my personal cell number. This offers me a layer of personal space and security, while allowing me to keep in touch with students and remind them of any key expectations I have for the next day in class.

Simply follow the instructions found on the handout given in class to subscribe to the class' Remind list.

Google - Mail and Drive

My class will integrate the usage of Google services to expedite the process of communication and collaboration among classmates. Students will be given a school account, and using this, they may use it to work on group projects from separate locations while communicating with ease across the Gmail platform.

I will also be using these tools, and the easiest way to reach me personally at any hour would be the Gmail address listed on the handout given to students.


If students need one-on-one time outside of the classroom, or a parent-teacher conference is called for in special circumstances, I will be using Skype. This is a fairly intuitive video communications tool, and offers great versatility for meeting when it cannot be done in-person.

Note that this tool will only be used under special circumstances. In such circumstances, simply reach me through Gmail, and I will give you the necessary details to contact me from there. Thank you for your cooperation!