Tiger Tracks

By Julie Shore, Principal

Staff Edition Jan. 8th, 2016

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Welcome to 2016!

Welcome Back Tiger Staff.

I am so happy to be here at Tex Hill Middle School.

I can't thank you enough for the warm welcome I have received from so many of you.

I am looking forward to a great end of the year together.

I would like to thank so many of you for being in the halls during passing periods. I feel it is so important for the safety of our students and our campus to have as many eyes in the halls, as possible. I hope some of you will enjoy the jean treat on Tuesday.

Our 1st Week Back


We would like to celebrate Tex Hill's Teacher of the Year and Trinity Prize Teacher.

The staff voted and this years winners are:

Teacher of the Year: Amy Henning

Trinity Prize: Dr. Jeffrey Kahl

Congratulations to our fantastic teachers!

Funny Things I Heard In The Hall

1. "Coach Lozano smiled at me today... Score!!!"

2. "Today was amazing academically." I heard this quote from an 8th grade Basketball player at the Nimitz game."

3. In the cafeteria 2 students were waiting and sliding in the lunch line and there was a Dorito on the ground from the previous lunch. "Hey, look there's a Dorito... should I eat it?" "Gross Dude, it's on the floor" crunch "A little cafeteria floor never hurt anybody."

Upcoming Events

Monday (1/11)

7th Gr Spinal Screening

Tuesday (1/12)

6th Gr Science Staff Development

Wednesday (1/13)

Department Chair Meeting

8th Graders visit to Johnson HS 8:45am start releasing for busses

GBB v Tejeda (7th home)

Thursday (1/14)

Social Committee Meeting

BBB v Driscoll (8th home)

Friday (1/15)

Honors Band Performance at Bulverde Creek & Cibolo Green

*For further details, please visit the Tex Hill Middle School Google Calendar

School News

Our Science Department needs your help..... I know we ask the students to bring in Box Tops, but for those of you that do not have school aged students collecting for their schools we would love your help, also.

The Science department at Tex Hill collects box tops to help all of our Science students. We will collect Box Tops throughout the year. Below is an opportunity to earn even more Box Tops for Tex Hill.

HEB Bonus Box Top offer:

Purchase 10 box top items in 1 transactions – Earn $6 in Bonus Box Tops

Purchase 15 box top items in 1 transaction – Earn $10 in Bonus Box Tops


Please turn in box tops to any science teacher. Thanks for your help!

Counselor Corner

Please click on the link for great information about course selections, course fair, 8th grade visits, testing and more.